Dining and coffee tables designed with monolithic blocks of timber stacked in architectural structures.

Founded in 2011, New Zealand-based brand Resident produces timeless lighting and furniture for contemporary, sustainability-focused living. The company works with local and international designers as well as master craftspeople to create enduring products. For the Plane Tables series, Resident collaborated with Jamie McLellan, Head of Design for San Francisco-based sneaker company Allbirds. Reminding of architectural designs, the tables feature slabs of solid wood arranged in a perfectly balanced composition.

“I’ve been thinking about building a table for our home and I came back to the idea of very simple stacked block forms, using cantilever elements that to me feel reminiscent of contemporary architecture,”says designer Jamie McLellan. “To start the design process we had maybe 10 different variations of this stacked theme and some of them were quite elaborate, but in the end we just came to the most pure and honest and brutal solution. The nice thing about this table is it’s a little more expressive than the average four legged table. To keep the table from toppling over, but still maintain the look that everything is tenuously balanced on top of each other, there is a system of clever internal bracketing discreetly hidden away within the solid timber,” he adds.

The monolithic timber blocks give a sculptural look to the tables and also showcase excellent craftsmanship. Assembled with concealed connections, the slabs seem to stand in an impossible balancing act one on top of the other, combining sturdy legs with a cross beam and flat tops. Crafted from solid wood, the Plane Tables come flat packed. The user can easily attach the slabs together using the hidden steel brackets. The Plane Tables come in either Natural Oak or a dark Umber Stain. The series comprises rectangular and round dining tables, and a coffee table. Photographs © Resident.

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