A multifunctional design that turns from a ping pong table to a workstation.

Designed by cloudandco founder and creative director Yeongkyu Yoo for Korean brand Strol, the Play Table offers a creative take on the classic ping pong table. The versatile design is multifunctional, turning from a ping pong table into a dining space or even a workstation. Two anodized aluminum cylinders attach to the top of the table with magnets. Between them, a thin orange rope replaces the traditional woven net. Apart from enhancing the minimalist look, it also gives an elegant look to the design. Specially made for homes, the Play Table easily turns into a space for sharing a meal with family and friends. A hidden compartment allows the user to store the two posts away from view and convert the piece of furniture into a dining table.

Additionally, the table has a built-in wireless charger that provides a convenient solution to charge gadgets and phones. The top slides to one side to reveal a storage compartment for items, a cable organizer, and a power strip. Two steel casters provide an easy way to move the table from one area of a room to another. The user can also quickly take it to a sheltered outdoor space. Finally, the Play Table is crafted with longevity in mind. It features aluminum extruded legs with a satin finish and a solid birch wood top with a high-density HPL and maple sheets added on the sides. Photographs © cloudandco, Strol.

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