A practical stepladder that doubles as a stool.

Multi-functional furniture and home accessories are so popular because they fit perfectly in contemporary dwellings and within modern lifestyles. Apart from often saving floor space with their compact size and clever storage solutions, they also minimize clutter. With 2- or even 3-in-1 designs, one can use the same object or tool for different tasks. The Reech modern step stool is a perfect example. Designed by award-winning firm C.F. Møller Architects for Danish furniture, lighting and home accessories brand Gejst, this stepladder is multi-functional and versatile. Its clean, minimal and understated design also makes it a natural addition to any space, where it can add an elegant decorative accent to classic or modern interiors.

This modern step stool provides a convenient solution to reach top shelves and cupboards in a kitchen. It also offers an easy way for children to participate in meal preps or baking. At the same time, Reech is a comfortable stool and suits living rooms and bedrooms in equal measure. As a spare seat, it can unfold with ease when needed. Crafted from oak, it features steel hardware completed with a golden, brass-like finish. An almost invisible magnet keeps the top step in place when the user folds the stepladder for storage. Unfolding this modern step stool pushes the top step downward, where it locks firmly into the frame.

An ingeniously designed bracket provides an easy way to hang Reech on a wall or inside a closet to save floor space. Hidden behind the top step, the bracket makes the stepladder look like it floats in mid-air when the user places it on a wall. Finally, Reech comes with a timeless black finish. While intense, the black paint lets the textures of oak come through and provides contrast to the golden hardware. Photography © Gejst.

Reech Stepladder

Designer: C.F. Møller Architects Price: $435 Shop Now
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