Exploring a dialogue between the elements through poetic sculptures.

Murano-based artist Lætitia Jacquetton spent her childhood in rural Burgundy, France, exploring forests and meadows with her grandfather. Later, as a fashion designer, she worked in bustling urban areas, including Paris and Hong Kong. After years living in fast-paced environments, she realized she regularly gravitated toward the soothing qualities of the natural landscapes of her childhood. While exploring Okinawa, she first discovered traditional glassblowing and then perfected her technique with an apprenticeship in Murano, Venice. Inspired by nature, Lætitia Jacquetton uses rocks she finds in riverbeds and on mountain slopes to create mesmerizing vase sculptures that create a dialogue between the elements.

Earth, air, fire, and then water come together in her creations. Poetic and always one of a kind, the vases feature glass containers that “slump” over the rocks. The vases have a seemingly fluid form and an asymmetric shape. Apart from creating a parallel between the solidity of the rocks and the fragility of glass, the works also explore mineral and organic materials and the beauty of imperfection. The artist uses both clear and colored glass in her work along with matte black and translucent amber glass. When in use, the vases truly come to life. The water and the flowers bring yet another dimension to the artist’s multi-layered and captivating work. Photography © Lætitia Jacquetton, Linus Ricard, Alizée Quinche.

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