An innovative wall desk designed with three revolving drawers that nest into each other.

The traditional matryoshka doll has inspired a range of product and furniture designs over the years, perhaps most notably the ubiquitous nesting tables. Apart from saving space, these designs also enhance functionality. However, award-winning designer João Teixeira offers an entirely fresh take on the concept. The Revolver home office desk reinterprets the nesting feature of the matryoshka dolls in an ingenious way. A corner drawer opens to enlarge the working area. This mobile element contains not one, but three separate drawers which the user can re-arrange as needed. Flexible and practical, this pivoting system – that also gives the desk its name – provides an easy way to customize a workspace for specific needs.

The playful design allows the user to create different layouts by opening or overlaying elements. Two of the drawers have a solid top and internal storage spaces, while the third is an open drawer. Doubling as side tables, the revolving drawers also provide an easy solution to organize office accessories or gadgets. Apart from the innovative adjustable corner with three pivoting elements, the Revolver wall desk also features a slender top. Finally, the rounded corners mirror the shape of the drawers. A wood build complements the fun design and highlights its clever and beautifully minimalist concept. A welcome addition to any compact home or apartment where free floor space is valuable, the Revolver desk has a convenient wall-mounting system. Photographs © João Teixeira.

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