A modular lamp collection, now available in warm walnut wood.

German design firm Schneid Studio creates thoughtful and timeless lighting, furniture, ceramics, and textiles with natural materials and bold colors and shapes. Passionate about traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design, the studio collaborates with local manufacturers and artisans to produce handmade products. Designed by Julia Jessen, the brand’s Junit lamps series references the Bauhaus movement with a playful design that combines eight different wood elements in sculptural objects. The collection also features vibrant colors that brighten living spaces. Customers can either create their own bespoke version or select one from the series. In 2017, the collection received the Special Mention at the German Design Awards. Now, the company has introduced a new series in the range. While featuring the same geometric shapes, the pendant lights come in a warm material: walnut wood.

Unlike the original designs which featured vibrant and pastel colors in various combinations, the new versions enhance the geometric forms with the natural beauty of walnut. The designs celebrate the avant-garde Triadic Ballet with three compositions that recreate abstract silhouettes reminiscent of dancers. The LED with a milky white glass complement the dark colors of the solid wood while illuminating spaces with a warm, ambient light. The new Junit series comes in three versions: Stanza, Copla, and Pino. All of them feature matching brown textile cables. Finally, like the original series, the new collection is handmade in Germany. Photography© Schneid Studio.

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