Whether you have a vintage turntable or the latest audio system, it’s important to find the right speakers design that looks great in your home. As well-known, award-winning designers collaborate with high-end audio companies to create distinctive speakers, finding an imaginative design that can eclipse even a sophisticated audio equipment is easier than ever before. On this page, you can see a range of creative speakers, all of them designed by talented designers. Made by start-ups or established, heritage brands, these speakers complement their good looks with excellent craftsmanship and audio quality.

From minimalist to complex, contemporary speakers design offers a great opportunity to create a focal point in a room. Some of these designs are truly one of a kind. For example, a speaker that features a magnetic fluid that moves with the sound of the music under a curved, transparent case. Safe to say, this speaker adds a powerful visual aspect to the music listening experience. Other speakers demand attention with their ingenious takes on vintage designs. Like a handmade ceramic speaker shaped like an antique phonograph, but made with wireless technology.

Along with creative speakers design, comes a creative use of materials. Here, you can find speakers made from concrete, wood, ceramic, metal, and more. Transparent cases offer a glimpse at the inner-workings of state-of-the-art speakers while textile panels grouped by color create a three-dimensional effect on a wall. These designs also include portable speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music in the garden or in a forest while camping. Furthermore, each of these products features cutting-edge tech and premium quality components to reproduce sound with clarity and impressive fidelity.

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