A modular furniture system made of lightweight aluminum.

Blending innovative design and function, Stack provides an elegant solution to store, display and organize items. Designed by Ghent-based, Belgian architecture practice studio MOTO, this modular furniture system reminds of architectural designs with its cleanly stacked volumes. Apart from allowing users to quickly create custom units that suit their needs and their homes, from large houses to compact apartments, the series’ concept also focuses on maximizing flexibility and ease of use. The first furniture collection designed by the studio, Stack features simple rectangular or circular elements made of lightweight aluminum. As the different parts fit together in various ways, users can build up a personalized piece of furniture or shelving system.

The circular elements, for example, help to create coffee tables with or without extra storage spaces. Stacking more round aluminum plates helps to create totem-like structures for displaying or storing items. As for the rectangular sections, they come together in shelving units of different sizes. All of these shelving units can be extended either horizontally or vertically as needed with other modular parts. The collection also allows the creation of more elaborate compositions. Finally, Stack suits any space, from homes and commercial spaces to offices. Photography © studio MOTO.

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