A customizable 24-hour clock that adapts to your daily routines.

Believing that following one’s circadian rhythm with a set routine increases mental and physical well-being, CW&T created a special clock that adapts to the lifestyle of the user with an ingenious design. Named Superlocal, this clock is customizable and easy to adjust to work around and with different routines and daily rituals. To achieve this, the 24-hour timepiece has a cleverly simple dial that allows the user to set the clock around the activities of that day instead of the other way around. Consequently, the design helps to change the user’s relationship with time. The dial features no numbers, letters, or even conventional hour markers.

48 machined dimples at half-hour increments provide a practical way to divide the day. To do this, the user needs to use the included magnetic spheres and lines to mark a specific dimple. Thus, it’s easy to set the time for a specific activity or significant moment. From highlighting the time to go to bed to marking a gym session, the clock creates a visual schedule for the day. Made from steel and aluminum, Superlocal features a Black Melonite coating with a matte white powder-coated hand. Each clock has a German 24-hour quartz movement and comes with 11 white and 1 gold spherical magnetic markers that are stored inside the case. Finally, the clock works well either as a wall or a desk clock.

Launched through Kickstarter, Superlocal is already a huge success, with the campaign currently funded more than four times over. And that’s with more than three weeks still remaining at the time of writing. Backers can get the clock for $170 and have it shipped anywhere in the world from January 2022. If you want to back the project, you can do so until November 2021 when the campaign ends. Photographs© CW&T.

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