Whether placed in a family kitchen, a living room or an office at home, a wall clock is an indispensable accessory that marks important as well as ubiquitous moments. Well-designed, modern wall clocks do the same, but also enhance the way a room looks. The best ones even change our perception of time. To help you discover the new wall clock you’ll love to look at every day for years, maybe for a lifetime, we have gathered some of the most imaginative and refreshing designs we could find. From ultra-minimalist clocks that capture the essence of a timepiece in an expressive form to creative designs that put the passage of time in a new light, here are the best modern wall clocks you can buy.

What are the best wall clocks?

The best wall clocks are accurate, practical, and look great in your home. Your home’s décor also matters, as one design that looks great in a room may not fit a different space. The best clocks complement and enhance your living spaces. Whether you prefer a simple wall clock or a bold design that becomes a conversation stater, the design should look at home in a room. Choose products made with quality materials and movements to make sure that your modern wall clock will stand the test of time.

What are modern clocks?

The answer depends on what “modern clock” refers to. For example, when talking about the mechanism of a clock, modern timepieces always have a harmonic oscillator which can be a pendulum, or balance wheel, a quartz oscillator, or a tuning fork, to name a few. When it comes to design, modern wall clocks can display the time in different ways, whether it’s a classic hand dial, or more creative systems that use color, words, or artistic elements to show the passage of time.

Where do you put a large clock in a living room?

On of the best places to install a wall clock is the living room. It’s not only a space where the family gathers and spends a lot of time in (like the kitchen) but it’s also the room that often has the best wall space for a clock. Modern living rooms are also often open-plan, with high ceilings, which makes them a perfect choice to showcase a larger wall clock with a creative design.

Where is the best place to hang a wall clock?

If you want to make the most of a wall clock, hang it in a place where you and your family spend a lot of time, whether it’s the kitchen or the living room. An area you can see from the entrance is also a good place for a timepiece. You can also hang a wall clock in a bedroom (preferably a clock with a silent sweep movement) or a bathroom. In terms of positions, a wall clock should be placed at or right above the eye level. A larger clock or a statement piece look better in a spacious room, while a smaller wall clock suits compact spaces best, like a cozy bedroom or a home office.


Founder Clock

A celebration of Japanese metal casting.

Designed by Kazuya Koike for the Lemnos collection, the Founder Clock pays homage to the traditional Japanese art of metal casting. This contemporary wall clock is handmade by artisans in Japan. It features a cast aluminum and glass build, with embossed Arabic numbers that boast a polished finish. By contrast, the dial has a more rough and textured finish. Finally, the hands add a bold finishing touch to the design. Like other modern wall clocks from our selection, the Founder Clock suits a wide range of living spaces and offices.

Buy $295

Max Bill Wall Clock

An iconic Bauhaus design.

Created in the 1950s, the Junghans Max Bill Wall Clock is the very definition of timeless design. The Bauhaus-style dial boasts clean lines with chrome-plated hands and line markers on a white-painted background. Made with an aluminum case, this modern wall clock has a diamond-polished outer rim and a mineral glass crystal front. It also comes with a battery-powered, Junghans quartz movement. Thanks to the simple elegance of the design, this clock complements virtually any interior.

Buy $350

One 45 Arabic

A silent clock with a timeless design.

Part of the Huygens collection, One is a timeless wall clock that looks at home in virtually any space, from kitchens to corporate offices. The design is simple and elegant as well as timeless. Apart from the dial that enhances visual clarity with larger Arabic numbers and slender hands, the clock also features a silent quartz movement. This makes One perfect for either busy work environments or bedrooms. Plus, the larger size of the clock, of 45 cm in diameter, makes this design ideal for larger rooms. Crafted from stainless steel, the frame has a brushed finish and features a durable ASB back and a glass front.

Buy $99

Toki White

An elegant wall clock.

Creative but also subtle in its unconventional design, Toki re-imagines the classic wall clock with an imaginative twist. The timepiece was created by AWATSUJI Design for Lemnos and features a switch between the place of the numbers and the minute markers compared to standard clocks. Here, the lines that mark the minutes stand closer to the center of the dial while the Arabic numerals occupy the area close to the edge of the clock’s face. The larger font enhances the clarity of the design and makes it easier to check the time from a distance. Like other Lemnos products, this modern wall clock is made in Japan.

Buy $120

Eki Clock

A design inspired by a train station clock.

Originally created by Takenobu Igarashi for the Sapporo train station in Hokkaido, Japan, Eki now comes in a convenient wall-mounted version. Like the original version, this clock has a design that focuses on clarity. Apart from large numerals and hands, the dial also features a strong contrast between black and light gray hues. The case is also beautifully crafted from aluminum using a traditional sand casting and lathing technique. This Lemnos timepiece has received the Good Design Award 2006 (Japan) and the A’ Design Award & Competition 2018 / Bronze (Italy), among other awards.

Buy $200


A stylish design that looks like wall art.

All of the modern wall clocks from this list are special. Agressive is one of the most artistic ones. Created by Japanese designer Kanae Tsukamoto for Lemnos, this elegant wall clock has a rectangular shape and an eye-catching dot pattern in relief. The porcelain dial is pristine white, while the stainless steel hands are ultra-slender. A sweep second hand moves across the dial in a smooth movement. And the result? A refined clock that looks like a piece of modern art on the wall. This porcelain wall clock is handmade in Japan.

Buy $150

Carved Wood Birch

A solid wood version of an award-winning design.

The best modern wall clocks look distinctive but are also versatile and complement different types of spaces. The Carved Wood Birch clock from Lemnos is a great example. Designed by Naoki Terada, this timepiece is the wood version of his award-winning Carved series. It features carved Arabic numerals that reach across the edge of the dial and white hands that stand out against the natural color of birch wood. The Carved clock series has received the Good Design Award (Japan) 2010.

Buy $180


A modern wall clock inspired by steering wheels.

Created by design duo Jehs + Laub for Stelton, Time is an imaginative timepiece that successfully re-invents the wheel. In this case, the classic wall clock design. Inspired by steering wheels, the clock features two metal components that rotate individually. The face of the clock moves together with the minute hand, while the other hand moves to indicate the hour. This version measures 30 cm in diameter and features a matte black finish that is both timeless and versatile. A great conversation starter, Time adds a fun accent to any living space.

Buy $139

Bankers Wall Clock

A design icon.

If you want to buy an iconic design you’ll cherish a lifetime, the Bankers wall clock is a perfect choice. Originally designed in the 1960s by Arne Jacobsen for the Danish national bank (which he also designed), the modern wall clock became a renowned timepiece. This timeless design features a distinctive dial without numbers or letters, a domed mineral glass front, and an aluminum case. Inside, there’s a Rhytme Japanese movement that works with standard AA batteries. An ideal choice for an office or living room.

Buy $335

4th Dimension Wall Clock

A concrete clock with an architectural design.

If you love brutalist architecture and more creative designs, the 4th Dimension Wall Clock from Taiwan-based 22designstudio is the perfect choice for your home. The design explores the concept of time and space with an ingenious spiral staircase. The triangular steps rise with each hour, putting the progression of a day in a new perspective. As the hands move across the dial, they mark the 4th dimension of the design. A play of light and shadow, also enhances the shapes of the dial in different ways and natural light turns to artificial lighting through the day.

Buy $260

Henning Koppel Wall Clock

A blend of modern Danish design and function.

Designed by renowned Danish designer Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen, this wall clock dates back to 1978. It features creatively designed black hands that seem to radiate forward from the center of the white dial. Small and larger dots mark the minutes and hours, respectively. This version comes with a blue case and measures 22cm in diameter. Elegant and timeless, this wall clock is perfect for any living space, including kitchens, living rooms, lounge areas, or home work spaces.

Buy $199

Haoshi Cuckoo X Clock

An elegant take on cuckoo wall clocks.

It’s time to bring a playful accent into your home. The Haoshi Cuckoo X Clock is a great choice. Elegant yet also fun, this cuckoo clock has a birdhouse-like design. A small bird announces the time on the hour with a birdsong, meaning that you’ll know exactly what time it is without having to glance at the clock. Another bird in flight – which you can attach to the wall – gives a new dimension to the design. This modern wall clock comes in many colors, but we love the gray and white version that complements virtually any existing color scheme.

Buy $250


Exploring a more natural way to relate to time.

Part of The Present’s trio of modern wall clocks, Day offers a ‘slow living’ twist on the passage of time. Inspired by the hues of the sky seen at a high altitude, the design aims to alter the perception of time by recreating the natural cycle of a day through color. The dial has no markers, letters, or numbers. Only one hand moves across the face of the clock, indicating the time on a dial that boasts a gradient of colors. The hues represent dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight, bringing reading the time closer to the way humans have done it since before the invention of clocks. This design is extremely popular and often out of stock, but if that’s the case, don’t worry – there’s an open waiting list on the official website.

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Texttime Clock

A multi-functional clock that doubles as a shelf.

Designed and made by Cloudnola, the Texttime clock is not just creative and fun, it’s also multi-functional. The design uses text rather than numbers and line markers to show the current time, which makes reading the time easy. Plus, this wall clock doubles as a shelf, allowing the user to place anything from pens and pencils to a glass or a small vase on top. While envisioned as a wall clock with an open shelf design, Texttime also works as a desk clock. This version features a bamboo case and a white dial with black text.

Buy $275

QLOCKTWO Creator’s Edition Raw Iron

An industrial style design.

Similarly to Texttime, QLOCKTWO uses letters rather than numbers to show the time. However, this design takes the concept further with a larger size, integrated LED lighting, and full sentences instead of two words. This Creator’s Edition version is crafted from raw steel to bring an industrial accent to a room. Every raw steel clock is one of a kind and features unique colors and textures created by thermal processing during manufacturing. Furthermore, the company signs and numbers each clock individually with laser engraving. QLOCKTWO comes in many languages. It has a seconds mode, a custom app with AR, and adjustable lighting.

Buy $2390

Mono Clock

A minimalist wall clock.

Keep things simple with the Mono Clock from Lemnos. Designed by Yuichi Nara, these modern wall clocks are minimalist and versatile. They feature a black and white palette with line markers and two hands. As a result, this is one of the most easy to read clocks you can buy. Matte and polished surfaces enhance the design while the hand-finished surfaces on the cast aluminum case add an artisan touch. Finally, the silent movement ensures that Mono works perfectly in any setting, from home offices to bedrooms and living rooms.

Buy $180

Trace Wall Clock

A simple and refined design,

An exploration of the essential function of a clock, Trace is understated and modern. The design is made by Copenhagen-based brand Ferm Living. Boasting clean lines and a minimalist dial, this wall clock is an elegant addition to any living space. The creative design combines a blackened steel dial with brass plated, golden hands and a circular support that offers a playful twist on traditional pendulum clocks. The dial doesn’t have markers, numbers, letters, or even a seconds hands, making reading the time as easy as possible.

Buy $235


A creative design that blends noble materials.

Many modern wall clocks from our list double as wall art and Eslabón is no exception. Made by Nomon Clocks, this timepiece has an unconventional design with a wooden hook support and a circular metal frame that holds the suspended dial. The use of high-end materials makes the clock stand out in any space. You can choose between walnut wood, Sahara Noir marble, or Calacatta Gold marble for the dial. All versions come with solid walnut and polished brass hands and a brass or black metal frame. This modern wall clock has received a Silver Delta Medal at the 2020 ADI awards.

Buy $340

Analog Clock

A clock inspired by barometers.

In a digital world, the Analog Clock pays homage to analog tools and methods. Designed by Shane Schneck for HAY, this wall clock has a distinctive design that references classic barometers. The extra-thick case protrudes from the wall to bring attention to the dial which features bold hour and minute markers. A matching black hand indicates the hour while a longer brass hand marks the minute. An exercise in clarity, this wall clock is a great choice for larger living spaces and offices.

Buy $95

Asterisk Clock

An iconic design from the 1950s.

Originally designed in the late 1940s by George Nelson for Howard Miller and produced until 1960, these modern wall clocks have been brought back to life by Vitra in 1999. The Asterisk Clock is one of a series of timepieces created with a bold shapes that emphasize the current time in a refreshing way. This wall clock has an asterisk-shaped dial and two hands, one with an arrowhead. Every wall clock is handmade and features a solid wood dial, a high-quality quartz movement, and durable metal components. Available in black and golden versions.

Buy $410


A minimalist wall clock that puts the focus on craftsmanship.

Natural materials can make modern wall clocks look even better. Watch:out from Danish brand Applicata is a perfect example. Designed by Design Anne Boysen, this clock features a simple solid wood build. Carved markers indicate the hours, while two slender hands show the current time. The beauty of oak is on full display in this design, with natural colors and textures bringing an unmistakable warmth into modern interiors. We love the solid oak with gray hands version, but Watch:out also comes in other versions, including smoked oak/brass or a monochrome gray design.

Buy $200

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