Whether you’re a commuter, an adventurer, a professional photographer, or simply love the convenience of carrying your essentials in a comfortable backpack, you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the perfect backpack design for your needs. Created by some of the world’s most renowned companies or new brands, these backpacks put a focus on both style and function. And while their designs have some crucial features in common, all of these backpacks are special in one way or another.

Depending on your requirements, finding the ideal backpack design is easier than it may seem at a glance. Designs include backpacks with multiple pockets and modular compartments that allow photographers to store gear and keep lenses secure and protected in transit. Other backpacks are perfect for adventurers and those who love an active lifestyle. For example, backpacks designed with an option to easily attach snowboarding gear or skiing accessories. For everyday use, from commuting to going to the gym, the options are almost endless; from backpacks with adjustable designs that allow the user to contract the main compartment as needed to products with easy-access pockets for essentials and comfortable padded straps. Finally, sculptural backpacks with a futuristic feel and a customizable design provide an opportunity to express your own style.

Over the past few years, backpack design has also changed in terms of manufacturing. Environmentally conscious brands have taken a stand and embraced recycled materials, sustainable manufacturing, and eco-friendly design. Now, you can buy a one-of-a-kind backpack crafted from recycled truck tarps or a bag with a fabric made from upcycled cotton and post-consumer recycled PET bottles.

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