eco furniture

An answer to mass produced products. A solution to minimize waste. The natural step in the evolution of design. In recent years, sustainable furniture design has become more prevalent. Creative designers, whether established or upcoming, have been making furniture collections that blend aesthetic principles with green living concepts. It’s a harmonious marriage between environmental responsibility and modern design, resulting in often avant-garde as well as striking products. Made for contemporary living spaces, with both the environment and function in mind.

Sustainable furniture design brings creators’ artistry to life, and not only in terms of aesthetics. The chosen or the available materials often influence the final design or even define it. For example, a collection of seating crafted from fungus and discarded wood boasts an organic appearance that references the primeval relationship between the two materials. In another series, recycled wood pulp and fine metal shavings combine in a modern collection that also seems to have roots in ancient times. Using natural materials and processes along with state-of-the-art techniques, designers can bring distinct products to life. Furniture that looks old and new at the same time. Contemporary yet primordial, but always respecting nature.

Clever solutions in an eco-friendly package, yet without sacrificing style or ingenuity. Designs range from rustic and organic to sleek and minimalist. Recycled plastic transforms into mid-century modern inspired chairs, linking two eras. Seaweed yarns become textured seating, offering comfort and style in one. The beauty of sustainable furniture design is that it provides endless possibilities. The world and all of its used, waste, recycled, and upcycled materials are a designer’s oyster.

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