Elegant, minimalist, and versatile, this eucalyptus outdoor furniture series is also sustainable.

Founded in 1990, award-winning company MDT-tex is a leading producer of sun protection systems, sunshades, and custom textile products for outdoor architecture. The company’s innovative products help to create beautiful and sheltered outdoor spaces. Establishing an outdoor furniture brand came as a natural next step for the Germany, Switzerland, and Latvia-based company. Named Hokka, the brand has launched the first line: Genova. Designed by Kasper Borchers, this eucalyptus outdoor furniture collection is as eco-friendly and versatile as it is elegant.

A trained cabinetmaker, the designer wanted to create a collection that offers a more refined alternative to bulky designs without sacrificing stability. In the initial concept development process, crucial features included the ability to stack the furniture and to experience complete comfort without the need for extra cushions. The Hokka eucalyptus outdoor furniture series fulfills all of these requirements. Stylish and lightweight, the chairs feature hand-woven seats and backrests on a eucalyptus frame. The latticework gives them an airy look and feel while adding a beautiful texture to the designs.

Eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing.

The premium, outdoor-friendly materials are not only natural, they’re also sustainable. Hokka controls the entire production process and uses hardwood eucalyptus from trees that grow close to their production facility in Portugal. This way, they can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Apart from the robust and durable wood, the company uses other renewable materials: jute, flax, and coconut fibers. As a result, the collection is eco-friendly and crafted to last. It also suits indoor or outdoor use, in private residential or public spaces. To make the eucalyptus outdoor furniture line, the brand combines industrial woodworking processes with artisan weaving methods.

A versatile outdoor furniture line.

The Hokka eucalyptus outdoor furniture range includes five products: a dining table, coffee table, lounge chair, dining chair, and lounge bench. All of them feature clean lines and subtly rounded edges. The lounger and lounge bench help to create a relaxing and stylish outdoor living space, alongside the compact coffee table. Likewise, the dining chairs paired with the larger dining table provide the ideal solution to transform decking into the center of a home during the summer months. The seating boasts hand-woven backrest and seats that provide ultimate comfort as well as perfect support. Light and only mildly textured, the eucalyptus wood enhances the Nordic minimalist aesthetic of the collection.

Easy to stack, the chairs take up minimal space in storage and make moving the furniture as convenient as possible. While the chairs don’t need extra support, Hokka offers a range of cushions for this range. Made from hard-wearing acrylic, the cushions resist mold and UV damage and also repel water and dirt. They’re easy to clean and suit bleach cleaning. Bright neutral colors allow users to add a summery accent to the Hokka eucalyptus outdoor furniture range with colors like Lopi Lime or Lemonade.

Made in Portugal, the collection is crafted to last and to look fantastic for years. Indeed, every item suits private or hospitality use. Both the MDT-tex eucalyptus umbrella type H and the “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award 2018 winner aluminum S16 umbrella complement the series perfectly. Whether placed on a balcony, garden, by the pool or in a restaurant, Hokka’s Genova series brings refined elegance to indoor and outdoor spaces. Photographs© Hokka.

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