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From old houses to contemporary homes, exposed wood beams add character and rustic charm to any space. Whether left in their original state, reconditioned, or installed as new elements that pay homage to rural architecture, wooden beams can completely transform the way a room looks. On this page, you can discover various projects that use wooden beams as a design element – in one way or another. Minimalist and contemporary takes on old designs add structure and texture to interiors and ceilings, while restored wooden beams bring a traditional accent to modern living spaces.

Barn conversions usually feature exposed wood beams as a central design element. Often, these conversion projects boast double-height ceilings and open spaces that allow the inhabitants to admire the original features from any part of the house. Other times, the exposed wooden beams remain visible only in the upper level. Here, architects use ingenious methods to bring natural light to previously closed spaces. Skylights and dormer windows along with strategically positioned openings flood the rooms with light while offering glimpses at the sky or the surrounding landscapes.

In more contemporary living spaces, simple exposed wood beams can have a subtly rustic or an industrial look. They can also interact with the architectural design in creative ways. For example, a room where wooden beams with a clean, rectangular shape intersect a skylight. As sunshine flows through the planks of timber, it casts shadows on the furniture below. At the same time, the natural light highlights the organic textures of solid wood. In a different living space, wooden beams mark the transition between social or more private areas.

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