mirror art

A mirror art installation can take a creative concept to a whole new level of surrealism, striking aesthetics, and meaning. This page provides a glimpse into the world of art and design with a focus on installations and concepts that use mirrors and mirrored surfaces as a main component to tell a story. While centered on art and artistic projects, this curated selection also includes imaginative product and industrial design. However, all of them use mirrors, albeit in vastly different ways.

The spectacular,  site-specific mirror art installation Waiting Windows celebrates one of the largest urban development projects in Sweden. Featuring two separate artworks, the installation explores the concept of waiting as a poetic state of mind. Large window-like frames made of polished steel with a mirror finish reflect the natural surroundings during the day. At night, lighting illuminates each individual window. A sauna designed as a large, multi-faceted golden egg becomes a landmark in a snowy landscape while also opening up a conversation about a large-scale mining project meant to change the local area. Elsewhere in Sweden, a creative photographer uses shards of glass and mirrors to create surreal effects for projects that reflect upon the ecological impact industrial progress has on nature.

Apart from these mirror art installation examples, you can also find imaginative product and architectural designs on this page. A cabin in the desert modified with “planks” of mirrors that alternate with wood cladding to create a mesmerizing visual effect. The sheets of metal inflated using FiDU technology to create an artistic wall decor. Stool that double as reflective sculptures, or actual mirrors modified to become dream-like objects.