mirror houses

Mirror houses reflect the creativity of contemporary architecture and design. From residential buildings to hotels and retreats nestled in nature, these designs make the most of an unconventional cladding material. On this page, you can browse through some of the world’s most creative architectural projects that use mirror surfaces for facades and exterior walls. Bold and striking, these mirror houses are also designed to “vanish” in a natural or urban setting.


While all of these mirror houses feature reflective siding, they have strikingly different designs. Architecture studios can use mirrored cladding as a defining feature or as a complementing accent to a design. One house with a reflective facade features concrete side walls and a monolithic silhouette, effectively becoming a landmark in a rural location. Elsewhere, a holiday retreat build in a forest disappears among tall trees thanks to its mirror-clad volume that gives a dreamlike feel to the woodland setting. Built on a hill that overlooks vineyards, compact cabins offer an immersive hotel stay experience with one-way mirror glass walls.


In terms of materials, mirror houses can complement their contemporary designs with rustic or brutalist design accents. For example, one house boasts textured concrete surfaces and minimalist furniture. Another pairs reflective panels with the warmth of solid wood and the pale hues of plywood. Solid stone and brick can also give balance to the sleek surface of a mirror facade. Prefab houses that integrate the option to use reflective cladding provide an easy and accessible solution to create a high-end design retreat in the middle of nature. Finally, innovative finishes which remain invisible to the human eye can make these mirror panels visible to birds.