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The ultimate accessory, a well-designed watch can change an entire outfit. The right timepiece adds the perfect finishing touch to one’s appearance, whether the aim is to channel classic, old Hollywood style elegance or modern sophistication. While creative studios and established companies design watches for modern lifestyles, these timepieces range from traditional and contemporary, with every style in between. Timeless watches defy the idea of passing trends, while innovative products showcase the inspiring possibilities of cutting-edge manufacturing and design.

Both established and new brands design watches for the style-conscious consumer. Talented designers draw inspiration from various sources to create their own timepieces. Some designs reference sea creatures, while others draw inspiration from vintage designs. Innovative products that have a starkly minimalist appearance make a powerful style statement. Conceptual timepieces provide a fresh twist on the classic watches, bringing a creative perspective to the passage of time. As a counterpoint, a classic timepiece completed with a subtle modern touch is more versatile than most designs.

To design watches for the modern customer, companies complement fresh aesthetics with exceptional craftsmanship. Premium materials such as hand-finished leather and brushed metal blend with state-of-the-art movements and practical features. Transparent cases offer a view of intricate movements, paying homage to the art of watchmaking and to heritage timepieces. Limited-edition lines and collector’s watches as well as special designs that celebrate iconic timepieces from the past often transform a must-have accessory into a work of art. These one-of-the-kind pieces take watch design to a new level while still preserving their original purpose.


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