A retrospective of an innovative brand that focuses on promoting a universal language through smart, interactive design.

Established by Matthew Waldman, NOOKA revolutionized watches and accessories design with a focus on creating and promoting a universal language. In 1998, the company partnered with Seiko to produce cutting-edge timepieces that pioneered interface design. Ahead of their time, the smartwatches featured passive intelligent interfaces as well as a creative take on visual linguistics. Following the brand’s mantra of ‘universal communication’, all NOOKA products told a story through their ingenious design; a design that enriched the interaction between user and object. NOOKA also created the concept of Mindstyle©, a combination of interface design and lifestyle with a focus on building a better future. Now a SAN-Q project and based in Tokyo, Japan, NOOKA has opened a new chapter; one of creating products with a circular design and cutting-edge, eco-friendly materials. The new NOOKA Book ‘Designing Time’ offers a comprehensive look at the futurist design brand’s birth and evolution.

A must-have book for design lovers.

The NOOKA book covers everything from the first collection of innovative timepieces produced under license by Seiko to the first NOOKA inc. products, launched at the MoMA design stores in both NYC and Tokyo. ‘Designing Time’ also includes the brand’s range of revolutionary accessories. These include the groundbreaking Strip belt as well as a series of futuristic sunglasses. NOOKA will launch the project on Kickstarter. The campaign aims to secure funds for the production of a 200 page book that covers the company’s birth, design philosophy and mission, products, concepts, and cultural impact in the 2000s.

Across 200 pages of the NOOKA book, readers will discover anything from sketches, renders and photos to inside stories and even process images of unrealized projects. Printed in an A4 size, the book will come in both hard and soft cover versions. Plus, NOOKA will print the book in Japan, using eco-friendly paper and ink. The campaign launches in October, 2022 and will be live for 30 days. Photographs © NOOKA.

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