A contemporary take on traditional restaurant chair designs.

Created in a collaboration between Lisbon-based Portuguese designer Pedro Sottomayor and Danish brand Frama, the Tasca Chair offers a modern take on traditional seating designs from small, family-run restaurants in Portugal. Usually found in older neighborhoods or in areas away from crowded city centers, these restaurants are known as “Tasca”, a name the designer also used for this chair. Lightweight and minimalist, the Tasca Chair reinvents the familiar seating designs, but with an industrial twist. The chair has an all-aluminum build with a distinctive finish and a neutral silvery hue. Four sturdy legs support the round seat while the curved backrest enhances seating comfort.

Thanks to the durability of the material, the chair suits both indoor and outdoor use. Crafted individually and produced entirely in Portugal, this design comes to life in one of the country’s oldest metal furniture factories. Apart from being lightweight and durable, aluminum also complements natural materials like wood, granite, and clay. This means that the Tasca Chair can easily blend in a variety of settings; from modern living rooms and gardens to restaurants, bistros, or canteens. Available to pre-order, this design is part of Frama’s Permanent Essential Collection. The range comprises utilitarian and stylish pieces that suit a wide variety of interiors and environments. Photographs© Frama.

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