The Textile Veneer Screen

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An innovative design that merges traditional weaving with CNC techniques.

Organized in 2021 as a digital exhibition, the Mindcraft Project features the innovative work of 10 designers from Denmark. The event highlights a blend of experimental design, cutting-edge technology, art, and traditional craftsmanship in forward-thinking, conceptual projects. One of the works included in this year’s exhibition is Else-Rikke Bruun’s ingenious Textile Veneer. The Copenhagen-based designer used both traditional weaving techniques and cutting-edge technology to create the screen. Inspired by age-old Mexican weaving methods, she translated the traditional crafts into a contemporary form.

The Textile Veneer room divider features an innovative build of milled plywood strands. Using CNC milling, the designer made thin plywood yarns and then used them to create the flexible screen. Thanks to the ingenious design, the different pieces interlock securely without the need for either glue or screws. The resulting structure has an undulating form that explores the fluidity of textiles while also creating a play between light and shadow. As it boasts a subtly reflective surface, the screen seems to glow – whether illuminated by daylight or a ceiling pendant. The Textile Veneer screen is made with birch plywood, aircraft-grade birch plywood, oil, and pigment. Designed with a light blue color, this Mindcraft Project featured concept aims to bring a calming accent to a living space or an office. Photography© Anders Sune Berg.

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