Although the Internet has become just a part of life for most of us, there are many more people out there, millions actually, that do not have access to the information station in areas without coverage. The unfortunate thing about this fact is the disadvantage much of the world experiences, which is at our fingertips everyday. It could literally revolutionize their communities forever. We are talking about the sick receiving quality medical advice from a mobile office or farmers learning up-to-date techniques for bigger better crops also natural disaster victims can be reconnected and begin to rebuild sooner. Really, potential is endless for these unconnected communities.
The Loon Project is a well designed solution to fly solar powered signal balloons across the earth at approximately 20 km high in the stratosphere. It’s a quizzical idea that just might work! All the engineering and brainstorming has been conducted by a fabulous team launching out of New Zealand all of June 2013.  Enjoy this pleasant and tastefully arranged video promoting their vision. Here, here for universal technology.

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