The Magdas Hotel: A Contemporary Social Business

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The Magdas Hotel in Vienna, Austria, is a beautiful place to spend a vacation and an innovative, responsible business. Previously a retirement home, the building dates back to the 1960s. Recently, the space was reimagined by magdas, a subsidiary of Caritas Wein, and renovated by AllesWirdGut Architects. Today, the boutique hotel boasts eco-friendly thrifted and found furniture and decor, plus art by students at the Academy of Fine Arts – Vienna.

Moreover, the Magdas Hotel now accommodates 25 refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Syria, to name a few of the 14 countries represented. The hotel is a new home for all of the refugees, and, for many, it is also a workplace, as the social business is run by a team of refugees and tourism professionals. Enabling those forced from their native countries to gain a foothold in Austria, the Caritas Wein venture helps refugees live in safe, desirable apartments while earning money.

To fund the charitable business, the Magdas Hotel offers accommodations for travelers as well. There are several options—including Classic, Balcony, Rooftop Double, and Suite accommodations—and each room is unique. On the other side of the door, guests will find a restaurant and bar, a library, and a park.

The breakfast is regionally sourced and served communally at the buffet or in-room. Later in the day, the on-site restaurant and bar provide a place for everyone at Hotel Magdas to enjoy international flavors and conversation. Between meals, residents and travelers alike may enjoy reading a book in the library or watching a show on a tablet borrowed from reception.

Venturing outside the hotel, wanderers will first encounter the Prater Park, a destination for walks through the garden, running trails, cycling, swimming, tennis, and classic fun at the amusement park. Beyond the grounds, travelers can walk to the Danube Canal, known for the nightlife joints along the shores, and the Praterstern Transportation Hub, from where they can explore the rest of the city.

Via domus; photography by Guilherme Silva Da Rosa

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