A collection of multi-disciplinary works that explore the interactions between humans and the planet.

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Brussels-based art gallery Spazio Nobile organized a special show. Named Threads of Nature, the exhibition brings together the work of 10 artists and designers. The multi-disciplinary pieces explore the interactions between humans and the planet. At the same time, they represent the gallery’s focus on creating dialogues between contemporary applied arts, design, and photography. While not bound by a common discipline, the works share the concept of nature as a foundation for artistic expression. Varied and distinctive but also following the same conceptual thread, the works include glass and ceramic creations along with photographs, wood sculptures, tapestries, and pastel artworks.

Kaspar Hamacher, Round Black Bench. Photograph ©Margaux Nieto

Every piece features either natural materials or incorporates elements from nature. For example, Ernst Gamperl (DE) and Kaspar Hamacher (BE) used wood to create sculptures. Blown glass and ceramic works created by Samy Rio (FR), Philipp Weber (DE), Lila Farget (FR), Nathalie Campion (BE), and Bela Silva (PT) represent the elements of earth, air, and fire. Jacqueline Surdell (US) used rope to braid her organic, multi-dimensional tapestry, while Amy Hilton (UK) enriched her pastel artworks with sedimentary coal. Jörg Bräuer (DE) used traditional wet collodion processes to create a triptych. While photographed, his cliff landscape in Iceland has a distinct painterly quality. The Threads of Nature exhibition runs from the 18th of March to the 18th of July 2021 at Spazio Nobile. Photographs© Spazio Nobile.

Samy Rio, Gueule de loup.
Philipp Weber, Improvisation. Photograph ©Philipp Weber
Lila Farget, 15 petites Maisons, Photograph ©Margaux Nieto.
Ernst Gamperl, turned maple wood sculpture. Photograph ©Ernst Gamperl.