A flexible and versatile desk collection designed with function in mind.

A far cry from the offices of the past, modern workspaces optimize function with creative solutions that also improve efficiency. The Tknika office furniture collection is a great example. Designed by Francesc Rifé Studio for Akaba, this range comprises desks and accessories that bring extra function to offices. The collection features a series of lightweight, beautifully designed desks and tables that allow users to create custom configurations. Both the desks and the tables come in a range of sizes and heights, to suit any space.

Created with clean forms and geometric shapes, these pieces of furniture also enhance the aesthetics of workspaces, whether at home or in shared offices and public areas. The Tknika designs include both rectangular desks and tables with rectangular or round tops. Hexagonal desks in different sizes and shapes are also available. All of these pieces of furniture feature sturdy, durable builds with wood or powder-coated steel parts. The designs come in a variety of colors and finishes.

The design studio has also created a series of accessories that transform the desks into adaptable, functional workspaces. For example, Akaba offers power connection options that make charging smartphones and gadgets easy, without cluttering a desk with cables. Partitions offer an easy way to create separate work areas in a shared office, while a drawer unit that attaches to any table from the collection provides a clever solution to keep important items close at hand when needed. Sliding trays and lamps that the user can move across the length of the desk or table thanks to a central groove complete the collection. Finally, Tknika suits any environment, from home workspaces to offices, hospitality areas, and contract settings. Photographs © Akaba, Francesc Rifé Studio.

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