A collection of exclusive writing tools that celebrate the art of handwriting with an inspired design.

In the 1860s, Giovanni Biagio Luppis, a naval officer from Rijeka, Croatia, developed an invention that had the potential to change naval warfare forever. In a partnership with English mechanical engineer Robert Whitehead, he signed an agreement in 1964 to allow further development of this original idea. Over a couple of years, the initial design transformed entirely thanks to Whitehead’s innovative changes, becoming a new, groundbreaking concept. In 1866, Whitehead unveiled his own creation, the world’s first self-propelled torpedo. Almost 150 years later, a Croatian company brought this little-known chapter of naval warfare history into the spotlight. Torpedo GB’s writing tools celebrate both the art of writing by hand and to the Rijeka torpedo. Put more simply, they’re the perfect unique pens for gifts.

Founded in 2014, Torpedo GB was established by three founders with artisan backgrounds: Tonči Grabušić, owner of the Zlatarna Grabušić jewelry brand founded in 1970, and brothers Valter and Leonard Balen, owners of the Tokarija Balen metal turning company, established in 1969. Combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and precise mechanics, Torpedo GB makes refined writing tools with an imaginative twist. All of the brand’s unique pens for gifts pay homage to the original Rijeka torpedo. In this case, the torpedo is launched as a tool that encourages creativity; an instrument that helps to create a more inspiring world.

The range includes a roller ball pen and a ballpoint pen as well as two elegant fountain pens. They all feature a torpedo-inspired silhouette and a realistic propeller that also boasts a Swarosvki stone in various colors. While their design aims to start conversations or at least to receive admiring glances and compliments, the Torpedo GB products also keep the art of handwriting alive and (more than) well. The ballpoint and roller ball pens along with the fountain pens celebrate the beauty of writing by hand, whether it’s a long manuscript or simply a signature. The torpedo-shaped pens enhance writing comfort with their rounded form and smooth surface. At the same time, their tips glide smoothly across the surface of a sheet of paper. The brand’s writing tools bring ideas to life and give more meaning to each word.

Naturally, the collection also puts an emphasis on durability and convenience. Crafted by hand to last for years, the ballpoint pen, roller ball pen, and fountain pens work with standard refills and ink cartridges. To honor traditional craftsmanship, the brand makes every component by hand, with only the hull not made by artisans. Exclusive and sophisticated, the gold version of the fountain pen features 18K gold on the nib and propeller. The ultimate unique pens for gifts for a design lover and history buff or a collector.

The Torpedo GB collection provides a range of customization options, available on request. Customers can select the stone color as well as the stone type for the propeller. Even diamonds are provided as an option. Bespoke engraving can also make each item extra special. For example, the company can add a name or a serial number on the body of the pen. Customers can easily request a quote through the brand’s official website. Whether customized or not, the brand’s writing tools are truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, the limited-edition series can easily become a collector’s item.

The packaging maintains the same attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship. Each product comes in a solid walnut wood box that features a cut-out section to provide a convenient pen holder space. Torpedo GB can also customize the solid wood storage case with a coat of arms, logo, and name, or with an extra place for a second writing instrument. The box also comes with a white leather pouch with hand-sewn detailing. Finally, the packaging features an ingenious finishing touch: a USB stick with a short documentary about the history of the Rijeka self-propelled torpedo, to introduce customers to the collection’s source of inspiration. Discover the entire Torpedo GB range of unique pens for gifts in the Gessato Design Shop. Photographs© Torpedo GB.

Torpedo Pens

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