The popular Wick lamp, now in two new colors.

Launched by Graypants in 2020, the Wick lamp became one of the lighting brand’s most popular products thanks to a creative design that re-imagined the classic candle holder. Now, the company has introduced two new versions that accompany the original Brass and Charcoal finishes. With the Wick lamp new colors, the design becomes even more versatile. Available in Black and White, the portable LED lamp features the same minimalist design that translates the simple wax candle with a traditional holder into a contemporary object. Featuring no plugs, wires, or an open flame, Wick is the perfect portable lighting solution. It’s ideal for homes, gardens, and virtually any space you want to brighten.

The lamp has a touch-sensor. As a result, the user only needs to touch the upper ring to turn the light on and off or to adjust its intensity. Wick has three brightness levels as well as a pulse mode. The 1W LED is energy-efficient and illuminates with a warm light but it is significantly more intense than a candle. While the Wick lamp new colors are Black and White, the product features the same build and quality materials. Made from recyclable aluminum, it comes with an acrylic top. An ergonomic ring provides a practical way to carry the lamp from one room to another.

Inside the base, the battery offers power for up to 100 hours, depending on the setting. A convenient USB-C charging port allows the user to quickly recharge the battery when needed. The Wick lamp new colors are available for pre-orders only, from the Graypants online store, with shipping starting from early March, 2022. Photography© Graypants.

Wick Portable Candlelight

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