An innovative wireless speaker that embodies the best of contemporary Italian design.

Since the 1980s, Italian company Sonus faber has been making high-end audio systems. The company is a subsidiary of McIntosh Group, along with audio brands like McIntosh, Sumiko, and Fine Sounds Benelux. Sonus faber’s cutting-edge products blend innovative technologies with Italian craftsmanship, featuring noble materials like walnut and wenge wood or leather. The new Omnia wireless speaker is no exception. Specially designed as an all-in-one, high-end speaker, Omnia features advanced audio technology and both analogue and digital connections. The speaker also celebrates Sonus faber’s values and heritage with a design that pays homage to Italian crafting traditions. Inspired by the hull of a boat, it features an organic shape with elegant curves. It comes with either a multi-layered wood top with a walnut finish or a graphite top that gives a nod to industrial aesthetics.

Handmade with the latest tech.

Omnia comes with built-in phono stage, which means that it’s turntable-ready, straight out of the box. Thanks to the included interface adapter, the user can easily connect the speaker to a turntable and enjoy quality, crystal-clear sound. Innovative features include the brand’s SENSO™ as well as CRESCENDO™ systems. SENSO™ is a touch-sensitive interface that provides an easy way to control the speaker by touch; it also features illuminated lines that offer access to various info at a glance. This interface also comes with a remote control system which works with the included handheld controller and the user’s smartphone or tablet. Likewise, CRESCENDO™ enhances the music listening experience. This advanced signal processing system creates an immersive audio similar to that of a live performance.

Omnia has built-in Bluetooth and works with all the popular streaming services, including Apple AirPlay2, Tidal and Chromecast. Other tech specs include a stereo 4-way system with 4 speakers, a frequency response of 30Hz to 25kHz (at-6dB), and HDMI Arc 2 channel and MM Phono/line-in analogue audio inputs. Sonus faber products are on display at WOM (World of McIntosh) gallery and showroom in NYC. Photography© Sonus faber.

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