Playful and creative pouf designs defiantly made this year by a Ukrainian brand.

Founded in 2015, Kyiv-based Ukrainian brand Woo makes furniture with playful and minimalist designs. The company’s collection also combines creativity and accessibility. With the dramatic changes of this year, the Woo team strove to find a balance between the realities of war and everyday living. Since their Kyiv workshop had remained undamaged, the team decided to defiantly move forward and launch new designs. The collection highlights their determination as well as the creativity of Ukrainian design. To mark its launch, Woo introduced two new poufs and two of their classics during Milan Design Week 2022.

Designed by Dmytro Kozinenko, the Loop and Drova poufs are bold, fun, and elegant. Playing with clean forms, the designer created functional pieces of furniture that double as decorative accents. Loop has an asymmetric shape with three fulcrums and two round discs turned perpendicular on each other. The distinctive design invites the user to discover new ways to sit comfortably. Perfect for both private and public spaces, Loop looks great on its own or in a group of several poufs.

For Drova, the designer looked to his childhood for inspiration. “When I came to visit my parents who live in a village in Western Ukraine, I noticed how carefully my father puts wood next to the wood stove. Three sticks along, three sticks across repeated again and again. It makes a perfect stable construction. This simple rhythm looks aesthetic and cozy,” says Dmytro Kozinenko. The Drova pouf comes in two versions: with 6 or with 4 elements. Like Loop, this design suits residential as well as public settings. Apart from the new poufs, Woo presented the Axe chair, also by Dmytro Kozinenko, and the Plane coffee table, by Kateryna Sokolova. Photographs © Woo.

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