A Unique Private Island In Tasmania

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Rising from the calm and deep blue waters of Tasmania‘s D’Entrecasteaux Channel, there’s a small, lush green natural treasure that offers a truly unique experience for those who reach its shores. The captivating and privately-owned Satellite Island is a piece of wilderness and unspoiled nature which has never been accessible to the public until a few years ago. Previously the home of a reclusive artist and writer, the place had remained sheltered from the outside world for decades. But its recorded history began when the island was first discovered in 1792 and then used as an observatory.

The name alludes to this past and to the location’s unique opportunities for stargazing. Yet admiring the night sky and the beauty of our galaxy in all its glory is merely one of the many wonders one can discover while exploring this spectacular place. Striking cliffs and ancient rock shelf add a poetic accent to the landscape, along with the old and imposing blue gums which cast their shadows on the surrounding native bush and dark green vegetation. The island is also home to a varied range of wildlife; deer, quail, robins, and pheasants are joined by a couple of rare white-breasted sea eagles, while pods of dolphins, albatross and Pacific gulls may be seen towards the open sea. On the island, one feels like walking through a private natural park where nature is celebrated, protected, and kept in high regard.

Inherited by the current owners who decided to share its treasures with the world, Satellite Island is slowly becoming one of the must-see places on the international tourism stage. There are two structures on the island: The Summer House and The Boathouse, providing sleeping spaces for up to 18 people. But this is not an ordinary vacation spot. Guests can only book the entire island, for a truly special and private holiday experience. Wood, wicker and natural fiber rugs are used profusely throughout the two houses, with an overall elegant and rustic-chic feel. Horns, shells and driftwood grace the walls and shelves. One of the more impressive spots in the Summer House is the room offering an unrestricted view of the deck area and the beach beyond, making one feel like they’re admiring a painting. Guests have access to kayaks to explore the island from a different angle and they can even collect their own wild oysters, enjoying them with glass of wine as the stars start to glitter across the night sky. Satellite Island is a fascinating place where visitors can connect with nature, experience Tasmanian coastal living, and find a sense of inner peace. Images courtesy of Satellite Island

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