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Cascina Otto

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Simone Bossi

An old farmhouse converted into a warm living space that opens to views of vineyards.

Milan-based Studio Wok uses an artisanal, sustainability-focused approach to complete work centered on features which define each project’s context: local landscape, materials, atmosphere, and quality of light. Cascina Otto (Farmhouse Eight) embodies these principles perfectly. Located in Cossano Belbo, Piedmont, Italy, this property is positioned at a high point on the hill of S. Bovo, with vineyards and rolling hills surrounding the area. The clients, a young couple from Berlin, tasked Studio Wok with the conversion and redesign of the old farmhouse. Previously anonymous, the existing building has gained a more pronounced rustic character. That’s because the team removed the plaster finish to reveal the “Langa stone” masonry with brick inserts. A living space to host family and friends, the building also allows the clients to transform it into a space for artist residencies or vacation rentals.

A design that combines rustic and contemporary elements.

The house has two stories and an L-shaped structure that embraces a courtyard. While one side is older and features storage spaces, the large barn features a stable on the ground floor. An external staircase leads to a new balcony and the redesigned living spaces. On the barn’s upper level, the architects kept the open-plan space but designed a series of welcoming, social spaces. Among them, the kitchen and dining area as well as a lounge space. An impressive, 15-meter long window frames the rural landscape and leaves the old brick pillars exposed.

The studio used locally sourced materials to complete the project, using a design language that pays homage to the local setting and traditions. At the same time, the house boasts contemporary spaces and details. The kitchen features a green marble island, while the internal floors, made of exposed concrete, complement the colors and textures of the solid stone. Outside, an infinity pool reflects the shifts in the landscape, from the colors of the vineyards as they change over the seasons to the sky. Photography © Simone Bossi.

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