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Modern versions of iconic helmets.

In the early 1950s, AGV launched its first helmet, a 100% fiberglass open-face helmet, followed a few years later by a full-face design. The rest is history. Worn by legendary riders, the AGV vintage helmets became a staple throughout competitive racing. Protective gear and sports clothing manufacturer Dainese acquired the company in 2007 and in 2017 established the Dainese Settantadue brand which provides modern takes on historic AGV and Dainese garments. To mark AGV’s 70th anniversary, the brand has recently launched the Legends collection. It features designs that pay homage to two of the most successful and celebrated bike riders in the world: Giacomo Agostini and Renzo Pasolini.

“AGV Legends is a celebration of our roots in the epic pages of motorcycle racing, and a way to convey the experience and emotion from this legendary era,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO, Dainese Group. “As a tribute to Ago and Paso, we transposed their style into two gorgeous helmets that bring the classic style but with AGV’s most cutting-edge technical characteristics. Because legends last forever,” he added.

Giacomo Agostini has won more titles that anyone else in motorcycle racing history. AGV recreated his X3000 helmet, maintaining the same classic design while following current safety rules. Instantly recognizable to fans, the tricolor motif inspired the original AGV logo, linking this design to the brand’s history. Boasting Agostini’s signature and his custom contoured chin piece, this bike helmet is a true collector’s item. It also comes with a dual-button visor that allows the user to open it only using the left hand. An innovative ventilation device inside the visor and a removable embroidered leather interior complete the design.

The X3000 is available 10 different versions that offer modern takes on AGV vintage helmets, including limited-editions. Gloria features the graphics from Agostini’s racing suit, while Super AGV has clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic, and beautiful colors. Available in only 3,000 pieces worldwide, the AGO1 reproduces the original with accuracy. It blends the original graphics, shape, and colors with modern technology, quality, and comfort.

The X70 helmet pays tribute to Renzo Pasolini, one of the most popular motorcycle riders from the ‘60s. While it combines modern comfort and safety, the jet helmet maintains the look of the original design. X70 features Pasolini’s preferred open-face aesthetics and advanced safety standards. It’s available in the original “Paso” green with two-color profiles as well as nine other colorways. Fans of the iconic riders and those who love the look of AGV vintage helmets can find the AGV Legends collection at US dealers and online. Prices range from $379.95 to $449.95 for X3000, while the X70 has a price range of $179.95 to $229.95. Photographs© AGV.

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