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A captivating glimpse into the history of land use across America.

Published by Santa Fe-based nonprofit art publisher Radius Books, American Geography: Photographs of Land Use from 1840 to the Present takes the reader on a fascinating journey. The book explores the history and traditions of land use in America, as well as the various cultural transitions that define different areas of the country. Edited by Sandra S. Phillips and Sally Martin Katz, the book features 345 images; most of them come from the permanent photography collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Photography fans will no doubt recognize many of the names included in the book, with work from Robert Adams, Dawoud Bey, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Terry Evans, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Dorothea Lange, An-My Lê, Trevor Paglen, Wendy Red Star, Mark Ruwedel, Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, and Carleton E. Watkins, among many others.

A captivating visual record of America’s landscapes, the photos show everything from isolated canyons to agricultural lands and large cities. The images also provide a comprehensive portrait of America’s varied landscapes. Both vintage photos and new digital imagery are included; the latter also includes aerial photography that offers a new perspective on the country’s breathtaking topography and cultural diversity. Texts by Beverly Dahlen, Hilary Green, Layli Long Soldier, Barry Lopez, Jenny Reardon, Richard White, and Richard B. Woodward also accompany the images. Available now at Radius Books’ online store, American Geography: Photographs of Land Use from 1840 to the Present costs $60. Photographs© Radius Books.

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