Few people would pass up the chance to ride in a BMW. What if it only had two wheels – and one seat? Created by the division “BMW i”, the HNF Heisenberg XD1 Urban Bike delivers the same high-quality and good looks that have long been a signature of the brand, along with a brand new patent that may power the best eBike yet. A drive unit swing arm fully integrates “mid-motor, gears, and belt drive into an innovative suspension module;” gone are the days when a conventional chain tensioner was needed to firmly attach the drive train to the main frame. Even axle load and mid-motor distribution, a stiff frame, pedal recoil, maintenance-free belt drive, and boosted grip and traction are just some of the benefits offered by the innovative 4-joint drive unit swing arm. Powered by a Bosch eBike mid-engine, XD1 supports dynamic driving on practically any terrain while a 400W Powerpacks lithium-ion battery keeps you going for up to 130 kilometers. A Nyon board computer by Bosch acts as navigator, smartphone, and personal trainer with maps, distance, average speed, calories burned, and even shift recommendations – and Bluetooth capability means you can easily share your activities and progress with others through the Bosch online portal. To ensure the smoothest ride possible, BMW has incorporated the Nuvinci N330, a continuous high-end circuit that adapts according to cadence, and terrain, along with the Harmony, which monitors pedal and wheel speed and automatically adjusts tension. If you weren’t already convinced that this is a fine machine, a carbon fiber belt ensures a comfortable riding experience and a durable design. Be the envy of every bike – and car – owner in the sleek HNF Heisenberg XD1.

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​Lizzie Wright is an aspiring artist and designer with a passion for the written word. While she works on her BFA in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she spends her (rare) spare time riding around Providence on her trusty Cannondale and drinking lots of coffee. She is especially fascinated by the dichotomy between aesthetic form and function, which has an immense influence on her work. As a lover of the natural world, Lizzie plans to focus on Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies to pursue a more efficient future for design. Read more by visiting her website

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