An elegant chair inspired by the silhouette of a spider.

Contemporary chair design often draws inspiration from nature, whether it’s the dynamic lines of a wave or the moss-covered textures of boulders in a woodland. The Aranha Chair is a great example of taking cues from the natural world to create elegant seating. Designed by Marco Sousa Santos for furniture brand Branca Lisboa, Aranha references the organic silhouette of an arachnid. The clue is both in its graceful lines and in its name: Aranha means “spider” in Portuguese. Like its source of inspiration, the chair boasts long, slender legs that jut forward from a rounded body – in this case, the seat. To build this design, the company used a blend of traditional wood joinery and digital techniques.

The chair also features a combination of natural materials. While the legs and frame are made from solid wood, the seat boasts a natural cane weave or leather structure. A synthetic weave seat is also available. The company offers Aranha in several wood types and finishes. The chair comes in beech wood, walnut wood, or oak wood with a natural finish, or in ash wood with a black stained finish. Regardless of color and materials, the chair looks at home in any space. Finally, the design is versatile and suits dining tables, lounge areas, or home offices in equal measure. Photography© Branca Lisboa.

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