Inspired by the beauty of nature, this furniture range brings wilderness into your home.

Many designers look to nature for inspiration, whether to create lighting reminiscent of clouds or sculptural furniture. The Design by Nature collection takes things further with realistic 3D scans of wild landscapes, transposed on furniture. Made in a collaboration between Swedish design studio Front and Italian furniture brand Moroso, the six-piece collection came to life in 2020 after four years of research and development. Design by Nature follows on the footsteps of the Doodle Couch, also created in a collab between Front and Moroso.

The new designs pair organic forms with realistic textures found in nature. “We wanted the pieces to create the feeling that someone had lifted a whole glade from a forest with a gigantic shovel and moved it to a home,” says Sofia Lagerkvist, co-founder of Front. An exploration of the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors, the collection brings the rugged beauty nature into living spaces. These fragments of wilderness help to relieve everyday stress and encourage relaxation. Curved and irregular forms also aim to mirror naturally-formed structures and boulders.

To create the lifelike textiles, Front worked with Febrik/Kvadrat. The design studio took photographs in natural landscapes like forests and rugged coastlines and scanned them before rebuilding the textures digitally. Woven in soft materials, the textiles make the pieces of furniture seem covered in moss or lichen. Apart from the pieces of furniture that include a sofa, the collection will also feature objects that reference the way animals create structures and use materials found in their habitats. Design by Nature will make its debut in 2021, during Milan Design Week. Photographs© Front Design and Moroso.

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