Artek Introduces a New Lighting Collection with Timeless Aesthetics and Versatile Applications

Finnish design company Artek, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovative design, has recently unveiled the Kori Collection, a new lighting series designed in collaboration with Stockholm-based TAF Studio. With a focus on fusing timeless aesthetics with sustainability and versatility, the Kori Collection promises to create a warm, generous atmosphere in interiors while staying true to the legacy of its creators.

A Modern Interpretation of Classic Design Principles

The Kori Collection derives its name from the Finnish term for “basket,” emphasizing the central component crafted to generate a gently dispersed illumination. This lighting range presents a modern approach to the fusion of form and function, accomplished by blending a clever design with minimalist aesthetics.

The design references the iconic works of Alvar Aalto and Aino Marsio-Aalto, Finnish architects and designers known for their unique blend of organic forms and modernist principles. The Kori Collection pays homage to their legacy by embodying everyday beauty through honest design.

Gabriella Lenke and Mattias Ståhlbom, TAF Studio

Sustainability and Longevity

Both Artek and TAF Studio have prioritized sustainable manufacturing practices for the Kori Collection. All manufacturing takes place within a 200km radius in Italy, minimizing transportation emissions and also supporting local craftsmanship. Made of 100% recycled aluminum, the die-cast “light basket” further minimizes the collection’s impact on the environment. The universal E27 socket also ensures longevity. It allows for easy light bulb replacement and compatibility with energy-efficient options. As a result, users can achieve the desired atmosphere while conserving energy.

Versatility and Functionality: Meeting Diverse Lighting Requirements

The Artek Kori Collection has been meticulously designed to offer versatile lighting solutions that cater to a variety of needs. Thanks to their different designs, the products within the collection suit various applications, ensuring that they can effectively illuminate a range of spaces.

Kori Pendant Light: Ideal for small areas, it casts a direct, glare-free light and disperses a wider cone of softer indirect light upwards. It can be used as a general light, accent light, or task light in series above counters and sideboards.

Kori Pendant Light with Disc Shade: Designed for smaller tables and counters, it casts a glare-free light while reflecting a wider cone of diffused light with its curved shade. Additionally, this pendant light serves as both an ambient and accent lighting option.

Kori Pendant Light with Dune Shade: This elegant centerpiece provides direct, glare-free downlight and gentle indirect light, making it perfect for tables and other large surfaces. The shade’s design brings an element of sophistication to any environment.

Kori Table Light: Perfect for use as a reading or accent light, generates a focused, glare-free uplight while also casting a broader cone of soft, indirect light below. Its versatile design makes it perfect for use on surfaces alongside beds, armchairs, shelves, or sideboards.

Kori Floor Light: With its sleek and portable design, this light projects a focused, glare-free beam upwards and a broader cone of gentle, indirect illumination downwards, making it ideal for reading purposes and creating a warm atmosphere within living spaces.

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