The perfect gift for Bauhaus fans, a Bauhaus poster also offers an easy way to enhance the way a space looks, from home offices to lounge areas and bedrooms. While genuine, vintage Bauhaus-style posters understandably come with a hefty price tag, you can easily find reprints of classics or new designs created by artists as an homage to the famous German school. We have gathered some of the most eye-catching and beautiful examples of Bauhaus posters to help you find the ideal design, whether you want to surprise a loved one or want to decorate your own home.


Bauhaus Exhibition 1923 Poster

Bold colors and clean shapes define most of our curated examples, and this design is no exception. Available from Barcelona-based HypeSheriff, the poster offers a fresh take on an original illustration. Printed on high-quality, 190gsm matte paper, this poster boasts clear details and vibrant colors. HypeSheriff offers this product without a frame or with an included, semi-hardwood frame made from timber sourced from sustainably managed forests. Plus, this Bauhaus poster comes in five sizes that range from 21 x 30 cm to 70 x 100 cm.

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Theo van Doesburg Poster

Made to order, this Theo van Doesburg poster celebrates De Stijl art movement. Founded by the Dutch artist in 1917, “The Style”, or Neoplasticism, was defined by clean, geometric forms, right angles, and primary colors. From 1921 to 1923, the artist also taught at the Bauhaus school. This poster looks like an abstract painting from afar. As a poster, it comes in four different sizes, all printed on premium 250 g/m² paper, but you can also order the design printed on canvas or on acrylic glass.

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BAUHAUS 02: Exhibition 1923

Created by artist @karan.png and available through Society6, this Bauhaus poster is a great choice to brighten a space. The illustration features abstract shapes in bold colors and minimal text on the bottom, advertising the Bauhaus 1923 exhibition. Like some of the other products from our list, this one is made to order. Every poster is printed in a natural white and matte paper. Made from 100% cotton, the archival paper is both acid-free and lignin-free, meaning that the colors will stay bright over time. Available in five sizes, that range from 8×10 in all the way to 28x 36 in.

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Bauhaus Poster

Printing company Poster Wall prides itself in making high-quality prints that make illustrations pop with bright colors, strong contrasts, and sharp details. That’s because every one of their posters is made with state-of-the-art machines, bespoke color profiles, and premium paper. This vintage Bauhaus poster is no exception. Printed on Epson archival paper with a matte finish, the poster boasts vibrant colors and high contrasts that make the eye-catching illustration stand out even more. This product comes in three size options, without a frame.

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Bauhaus Ausstellung

Another Poster Wall product, Bauhaus Ausstellung, or Bauhaus Exhibition, is a fantastic choice to add color to a room. That’s because this poster easily creates a focal point with its bright orange palette and classic Bauhaus, half-circle pattern. Professionally printed, the poster is made with Epson archival matte paper and comes in three sizes that start at 12×16 in, or 30×40 cm, to 24×36 in, or 70×100 cm. A great choice to add a vibrant accent to a wall in a living space or office.

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Retro Bauhaus Poster Print

This vintage Bauhaus poster is a great choice to brighten any space. Barcelona-based HypeSheriff uses premium paper with a matte finish for their art prints, which makes the details and vibrant colors pop. This high-quality print comes in five size options, with or without a frame. If you want to get the framed version, rest assured that this poster comes with a quality frame made from semi-solid wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. An acrylic front protector and hanging hardware are also included.

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Bauhaus Art School 1923 Architecture Poster

Colorful and bold, this Bauhaus Art School 1923 Architecture Poster shows off your love of the Bauhaus and creates a focal point in a room at the same time. Architeg Prints offers this poster in both a digital download format and in paper prints in seven different sizes. Printed on premium matte fine art paper, this poster is also created with environmentally friendly ink. Finally, the museum-grade paper and archival ink will keep the poster looking like new over time.

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Bauhaus Art School – Weimar 1923 Exhibition Poster

Another quality Bauhaus poster design from Architeg Prints, the Bauhaus Art School – Weimar 1923 Exhibition Poster is monochrome and more minimalist than other examples from our list. The design is perfect for an understated décor, especially for a light wall that would make the black poster stand out even more. This poster comes in seven sizes that range from 230 x 280 mm or 9 x 11 in to 610 x 914 mm or 24 x 36 in. The design also comes as a digital download, which the user can then print on 24×36 in size paper.

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Vintage Bauhaus Poster Print

The Posterist provides access to a treasure trove of vintage posters, in a convenient digital format. This vintage Bauhaus poster with a simple geometric design is available in 5 high-resolution JPEGs of 300 dpi, which the user can adapt to a huge range of poster sizes. Thanks to the digital format, design lovers can instantly print their poster at home or at a local print shop. Plus, the store offers the option to adapt the image to suit different, custom sizes.

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Farnsworth House, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Poster

A Bauhaus take on a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe architectural design, this poster recreates the silhouette of the renowned Farnsworth House, built between 1945 and 1951. Which makes this print the perfect gift for fans of Mies van der Rohe, architecture, and Bauhaus. The minimalist illustration pairs the silhouette of the house with simple text, including the iconic “Less is more” mantra. Printed on premium, fine art paper, this poster boasts a matte finish and comes unframed. Plus, Bauhaus fans can choose between 10 different poster sizes.

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Wagenfeld Table Lamp, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Poster

Designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1924, the Wagenfeld Table Lamp followed Bauhaus design principles. Over time, it also became known as the “Bauhaus lamp”, a moniker that reinforced the product’s minimal, ‘form follows function’ design. This poster recreates the lamp’s silhouette, on museum-quality, fine art paper with a matte finish. Ideal as a gift for fans of the Bauhaus and minimalist lighting design in equal measure, this poster conveniently comes in 10 sizes, to suit any space.

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Bauhaus Archiv Helvetica Typographic Poster

Paying tribute to the famous Bauhaus Archive museum, this poster is simple and bold. It features a black and white palette, with the Helvetica font used to complement the design principles of the Bauhaus school. Created in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, the font became one of the most popular typefaces and generated a huge range of variants. This Bauhaus poster gives a nod to the famous Berlin-based museum which holds the world’s largest collection of art, documents, and items related to the iconic German school. The museum-grade paper has a thickness of 10.2 mil, while the print is giclée quality.

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The Comma Typographic Black Poster

What could be simpler than a simple comma to illustrate the “less is more” concept? This is the idea behind this creatively designed poster. Aptly named The Comma, this print recreates the universal punctuation mark in an oversized form that dominates the poster. Printed on thick, museum-quality paper, this poster has an opacity of 94% and a giclée printing quality. Available in six sizes ranging from 8×10 inches to 24×36 inches.

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Modern Curves 13, Modern Architecture Design Poster

Both architecture and Bauhaus fans will love the Modern Curves 13 poster. This quality art print features a sinuous building with elegant curves and clean lines that remind of iconic architecture, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Stylish and eye-catching thanks to the bold illustration and high contrasts, this poster will enhance any room. The giclée quality print comes in six sizes, all of them printed on premium, 10.3 mil-thick museum-grade paper.

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Bauhaus Exhibition Poster

A digital download rather than a printed poster, this Bauhaus Exhibition Poster provides an easy way to make a room pop. The design is simple and effective in capturing anyone’s attention. This vintage Bauhaus poster print features a vibrant illustration and text in German, both on the top and one side. Sold by NeoNeonStudioDesign in a digital format, this image comes as a 300 dpi JPEG file in 5 scalable versions that allow the user to print the poster in a wide range of sizes.

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Bauhaus Art Print, Orange Poster

This Bauhaus Art Print from NeoNeonStudioDesign can brighten any space, whether you want to place it in an office or on a living room wall. Available as a digital download, the poster can be printed either at home or at a professional print shop. The user can also choose the perfect paper quality to enhance the illustration’s details and vibrant orange color. The digital file includes 5 scalable JPEGs, which provide an easy solution to print anything from a 4×5 inches postcard to a huge 50×70 poster.

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