Summer is incomplete without at least one BBQ party. But before you get your close friends and family together, make sure you have everything you need to guarantee the day goes smoothly. We’re here to help with a list of items that will transform you from BBQ beginner into a BBQ master. Add food, drinks, good music and good company and you have the recipe for a laid-back summer party to remember.


Javelin PRO

Checking the temperature of your food is easier than ever before with the hi-tech Javelin PRO made by Lavatools. In just 3 seconds you will have an accurate reading, so you can ensure the food is exactly as it should be. Practical features include an antifog coated display, an antimicrobial exterior, and a magnetic back for easy storage. Plus, you can also use this handy tool in the kitchen for homemade beer or to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

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Duck Cloth Apron, Indigo

BBQ in style with the Duck Cloth Apron made by EH Works in Seattle, USA. This simple yet elegant apron has a range of convenient features, as it was designed with craftspeople in mind. There are both deep and smaller pockets for various types of cooking tools and accessories, as well as a convenient towel strap. The fabric is tightly woven, soft, and naturally water repellent. Made of high quality cotton, the apron is designed to withstand daily wear beautifully, so it is probably the only BBQ apron you will ever need.

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Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill

If you want to BBQ like a pro, you’ll need a grill to match. This Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill offers fantastic heat retention for hours of perfect charcoal cooking, while the dual-vent airflow system puts you in complete control of your grill. You can smoke, sear and grill with ease, as the Asado requires less supervision than a traditional product. You’ll spend more time having fun instead of constantly watching over the food.

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Lillie’s Limited Edition Smoky

Enhance the flavor of your BBQ food with this Limited Edition Smoky sauce made by Lillie’s. This sauce is on a completely other level, as it has been aged for six months in a Kentucky bourbon barrel. The rustic smoke flavor and the subtle hints of brown sugar and apple juice guarantee your meat and veggies will go from ‘good’ to ‘finger-licking awesome’ in a few seconds.

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Zero To Hero Sweet Rub

Want to cook like a BBQ master? You should try the rib rub developed by Competition BBQ Champion Rod Gray. The Eat BBQ Zero To Hero Rub is sweet and has a subtle heat kick, so it’s the perfect choice for ribs but it will make any type of grilled meat taste fantastic. The rub is available at Big Poppa Smokers in a 29oz shaker.

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“8 Chef’s Knife, Black Lucite

Leave it to the Italians to make even a simple kitchen tool look stylish. This 8 Chef’s Knife is handmade in Tuscany by Coltellerie Berti, a family-owned business. Individually signed and expertly crafted, the knife features a stamped stainless steel blade and a lucite handle. Use it to cut meat into perfect slices.

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Carving Fork, Black Lucite

Handmade in Italy, this Carvin Fork blends functionality and Italian design in a practical product you’ll use at every BBQ. Designed to work alongside a slicing knife, the fork will keep the meat in place while you cut away pieces for your hungry guests. The tang steel blade is paired with an onyx black lucite handle with rivets. This individually signed fork is crafted by hand by one artisan.

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F. Dick Marinade and Brine Meat Injector

The F. Dick Marinade and Brine Meat Injector was created for the BBQ cook who takes meat cooking seriously. Heavy-duty and designed with parts that can be replaced if needed, this injector will last for many years or even generations. You can easily add moisture and flavor to various types of meat to enhance the taste and texture of your BBQ food.

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Cedar Scraper

Clean your grill the easy and eco-friendly way with the Cedar Scrapper. Yes, it’s a scrapper made of cedar, which means you can forget about metal or plastic bristles landing in your food. The Western red cedar wood is 100% non-toxic, renewable, and easy to clean. You can use this cedar scrapper for years and the more you use it, the more it will transform to fit your grill perfectly.

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Portable Log Fire (Set of 2)

If you’re serious about BBQing, you have to read Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto. Co-written by Aaron Franklin, the owner of the most successful BBQ restaurant in Austin, Texas, and journalist Jordan MacKay, the book explains in great detail the fundamentals of a good BBQ. Which, surprisingly, are not a set of precise guidelines, temperatures, and recipes. It all boils down, or should we say grills down to the quality of the meat, the type of wood, understanding the fire, but above all, to your own passion for cooking.

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