Stepping inside a well-designed interior is always exciting, whether it’s a private home or a commercial space. The style doesn’t even matter. It could be a minimalist room where you can re-discover the character of organic textures and the importance of subtlety. Or it could be an extravagant interior, full of color, eclectic furniture, and bold artworks; a place where – in theory – contrasting elements should clash, but somehow work together perfectly. That’s because behind every inspiring interior design is a fiercely talented designer. However,we think that if you want to find the best designers, you need to look to NYC. This list of the best interior designers in New York City will show you exactly what we mean.

You’ll probably notice that our list is alphabetical. This is intentional, as we love these designers equally, so we used a neutral system to feature their work. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on to get inspired and maybe even get started on finally making your dream home a reality.

Alyssa Kapito, Los Angeles Family, ©Laure Joliet

Alyssa Kapito

One of the best interior designers in New York City, Alyssa Kapito creates beautifully refined living spaces that feature clean lines and neutral color palettes as well as layered textures. She completes residential interiors in New York and beyond, with recent projects including a family home in Beverly Hills and a transformation of a pre-war apartment in the Upper East Side. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Vogue, and Domino Magazine, among others. Alyssa Kapito has also been included in the coveted Elle Decor A-list of international interior designers.

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Ghislaine Viñas, Soho Loft ©Garrett Lowland

Ghislaine Viñas

Born in the Netherlands, raised in South Africa, and now based in New York City, Ghislaine Viñas brings a cosmopolitan approach to her award-winning work. A visionary interior designer, she creates spaces with a bold color contrasts, eclectic elements and striking compositions. She established her studio in NYC in 1999 and since then has amassed many prestigious design awards for her residential, commercial, hospitality, and product design work. Ghislaine Viñas’ interior design projects have been featured in world-famous publications, including Elle Decor, The New York Times, Vogue, and Architectural Digest.

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Ashe + Leandro Living Room, ©Stephan Julliard

Ashe Leandro

New York-based interior design firm Ashe Leandro was founded by young designers Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro in 2008. Since then, the studio has made its mark in the industry with a style that mixes different elements and patterns while referencing art, architecture, and culture in spaces that follow a distinct narrative. Relaxed and sophisticated at the same time, Ashe Leandro interiors also emphasize function. The firm’s portfolio includes residential, commercial, and public spaces. Unlike many other interior design studios, Ashe Leandro also focuses on designing children’s rooms. Recently, the studio launched a collection of furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

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Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary studio Workstead was co-founded in 2009 by Robert Andrew Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler. Since then, the interior design and lighting design firm has completed a wide range of projects throughout New York and the rest of the US. Whether it’s a residential interior, a restaurant, a hotel, or a modern farmhouse, the Workstead team creates spaces defined by warm sophistication and refined materiality. Unexpected, imaginative details and the use of sculptural forms make every interior completed by the studio fascinating to discover and explore.

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Benjamin Vandiver, West 12th St. Apartment, ©Joshua McHugh

Benjamin Vandiver

Benjamin Vandiver established his interior design studio and lifestyle brand in 2012, but had to open a second studio in NYC only a few years later to keep up with a growing clientele. In a similar way to other names on our list of best interior designers in New York City, the firm has completed many projects in the US, for both regular clients and renowned figures from the world of film, music, and sports. Benjamin Vandiver works closely with his clients to design refined spaces that reflect their own style. At the same time, the designer brings an aesthetically vibrant and rich style into all of his projects.

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Betty Wasserman, Daniels Lane Getaway

Betty Wasserman

After working for 10 years as a private art dealer and co-founding the dotCom Gallery, Betty Wasserman opened her eponymous studio in 1996. She soon became one of the best interior designers in New York City, with a large portfolio and a long list of accolades and awards. These include the Best of Year award from from Hamptons Homes Magazine in 2007 and 2010. Apart from her interior design work, Betty Wasserman also designs furniture and home accessories. She currently represents over 50 artists whose work she organically integrates into her projects. Notable publications that have featured Betty Wasserman’s work include Elle Decor, Interior Design, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, and New York Living.

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Brad Ford ID, Model apartment for the Cast Iron House, ©Scott Frances

Brad Ford ID

Born in Arkansas, Brad Ford moved to Manhattan in the late ‘90s, establishing his eponymous studio in 1998. Brad Ford ID focuses on residential interiors. The firm designs high-end, sophisticated spaces that merge understated design with refined elegance and warm accents. Brad Ford is one of the best interior designers in New York City because the studio’s work puts an emphasis on comfort and accessibility while also creating timeless spaces where clean lines and well-crafted furniture complement each other. A perfect balance between light, space, color, texture, and premium materials also defines the firm’s projects.

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Dani Arps, Eligible Api, ©Christina Emilie

Dani Arps

Interior designer Dani Arps stands out in NYC’s design world with her extensive work for tech start-ups. Her style is elegant and eclectic with bold industrial accents – the epitome of modern New York. She has designed cool interiors for high-profile clients likes SeatGeek, Codecademy, Venmo, Contently, and Uncharted Play, among others. Her portfolio also includes residential interiors where her love of fashion, art, and creative product design shines. In 2017, Dani Arps received the ‘Star on the Rise’ accolade from DDB.

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D’Aquino Monaco, Central Park South, ©Stephen Kent Johnson

D’Aquino Monaco

D’Aquino Monaco creates memorable spaces that delight with a blend of contemporary and eclectic design, antique pieces, and artistic touches. Interior designer Carl D’Aquino and architect Francine Monaco co-founded this multi-disciplinary studio in 2007, with Dane Pressner joining the firm as Director of Design in 2007. Sophisticated and avant-garde, the interiors designed by D’Aquino Monaco fascinate with a perfect balance between art and design. Indeed, some of the studio’s interiors look like specially curated spaces where you can always discover exciting details and works of art, which makes this team a part of our best interior designers in New York City.

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Drake/Anderson, Upstate New York Weekend Residence, ©Stephen Kent Johnson


Drake/Anderson designs glamorous and vibrant interiors that are as refined as they are delightfully eclectic. The studio was established by Jamie Drake, one of the best interior designers in New York City and among the first to bring Modernism into living spaces back in the ‘80s, and Caleb Anderson, who has made a splash in the industry with his confident layering of different styles as well as different design eras. On this award-winning firm’s list of projects you’ll probably recognize a few names. Among them, Manhattan’s One57, 56 Leonard, and the Baccarat Residences. However, the duo also designs tasteful living spaces in residences around the world.

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Fawn Galli, E 10th, Greenwich, ©Costas Picadas

Fawn Galli

Vibrant, memorable, and fresh. Fawn Galli’s expertly designed interiors feature bold colors and textures as well as a blend of vintage and contemporary elements. The designer draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including her extensive travels, the ‘70s disco era, fashion, textiles, and nature. Her work includes both residential and commercial spaces and has been featured in publications like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Domino, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among other leading publications. In 2019, Fawn Galli has released Magical Rooms: The Elements of Interior Design, a book published by Rizzoli.

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Foley&Cox, 15 CPW, ©David Gilbert


New York City-based interior design firm Foley&Cox was established by Michael Cox and Mary Foley in 2002. In 2007, the duo launched the Foley&Cox Home brand that produces custom furniture, antique and vintage items, along with specialized products created by skilled artisans. The interior design studio’s portfolio includes a wide range of residential projects. Whether contemporary, classic, or eclectic, the firm’s talented team designs stylish spaces that have a sophisticated design but look and feel like home.

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Giancarlo Valle, Watch Hill Home, ©Stephen Kent Johnson

Giancarlo Valle

Giancarlo Valle grew up in San Francisco, Caracas, Chicago, and Guatemala City, in homes filled with his parents’ furniture and decorative pieces sourced from Peru and Ethiopia. Both his itinerant childhood and early immersion in international culture inform his approach to design. His interiors feature strong silhouettes, layered elements, and a blend of playfulness and refinement. And they always boast surprising details, inviting the viewer to explore further. Apart from the firm’s interior design projects, Giancarlo Valle has ventured into the world of furniture design with his own collection and products designed for other brands.

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Ike Kligerman Barkley, New York Office, ©Durston Saylor

Ike Kligerman Barkley

For the past 25 years, Ike Kligerman Barkley has been enhancing the everyday with good design, in the US and around the world, which led us to include the studio in our selection of best interior designers in New York City. Based in NYC and San Francisco, this award-winning architecture and interior design firm uses both traditional techniques and cutting-edge processes to bring refined spaces to life. The studio’s projects feature a blend of artisanal skill, enduring materials, and eclectic design. Refined and welcoming at the same time, all Ike Kligerman Barkley interiors have a distinctive character and charm.

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Ishka Designs, East Hamptons, ©Niya Bascom

Ishka Designs

Brooklyn-based interior design firm Ishka Designs was co-founded by Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom. The studio specializes in residential and vacation properties, but also completes commercial and hospitality projects. The studio’s style is clean, minimalist, and modern. Refined eclectic spaces, bright interiors that highlight the textures of natural materials, and focal points that showcase contemporary art also define the firm’s projects. Ishka Designs’ work has been featured in many publications and TV shows. These include NBC Open House, New York Spaces, Anthology, and New York magazine.

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Lucy Harris Studio, Madison Square West Apartment, ©Sharon Radisch

Lucy Harris Studio

Lucy Harris has always been immersed in great design, from the modernist house she grew up in to her great-great grandparents’ eclectic townhouse – which became the Nichols House Museum – and to the mid-century modern home where she currently lives. Apart from her passion for design, Lucy Harris also draws inspiration from her travels in Europe as well as from art, the Bauhaus movement, and minimalism. She established Lucy Harris Studio to create living spaces that tell a story via meaningful details and thoughtful design, which makes her a perfect addition to our list of best interior designers in New York City.

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Nune, 18th street triplex, ©Nicole Franzen


Founded by Sheena Murphy in 2014, nune is a small interior design studio with offices in London and NYC. Believing that thoughtful design can improve well-being, the firm designs beautiful, bright spaces meant for comfortable living. Quirky and fun details complement the studio’s contemporary style, with striking accents and lively patterns creating focal points in interiors. The firm works globally, completing private residences, hospitality projects, and commercial spaces with the same fresh, tasteful, and laid-back touch.

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Studio D, 92 Warren St, New York

Studio D

Jane Saidenberg’s interior design style blends mid-century modern influences with contemporary accents and sophisticated details to create serene, welcoming spaces. After working at the William Morris Agency as a talent agent, Jane Saidenberg used her design experience of more than 12 years to establish Jane Marvel; she debuted her brand of home accessories and handbags in 2002. Following the successful launch of her company, she started working as an interior designer in New York. She joined studio D’s NYC office in 2014, leading the studio to expand exponentially and make headlines with work published in Vogue, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and The New York Times, to name a few.

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Studio Zung, Brizo, ©Ty Cole

Studio Zung

Inspired by a holistic lifestyle, Studio Zung designs stylish and minimalist interiors where small details have a big impact. The firm’s founder Tommy Zung has a multi-disciplinary background in architecture, design, fashion design, and hospitality. His life philosophy, passion for surfing, and extensive travels around the world also inform the studio’s approach to design. Walking into a Studio Zung-designed space, one notices the calm atmosphere, ingenious use of textures as well as an eye for establishing unconventional focal points.

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Thad Hayes, Watermill NY, ©Scott Frances

Thad Hayes

Founded in 1985, Thad Hayes, Inc. is an interior design firm that specializes in timeless, elegant, and functional living spaces. The studio’s work features a dialogue between different design periods and complementing styles. For example, a Thad Hayes interior may meld antique pieces with contemporary elements, custom handcrafted furniture, and bold artworks. Whether a penthouse in Manhattan, a weekend retreat in Martha’s Vineyard, or a beach house in Southampton, the firm’s projects all have one thing in common: a flawless sense of style.

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White Arrow, Williamsburg Schoolhouse, ©Matthew Williams

White Arrow

Co-founded by married couple Keren and Thomas Richter, White Arrow is a Brooklyn-based interior design studio that specializes in high-end residential and commercial interiors. Like other best interior designers in New York City, the firm’s portfolio includes a variety of projects. They range from designing the living spaces of a pre-war apartment in Berlin; completing the stunning transformation of a loft from a 19th-century Brooklyn schoolhouse into a stylish home; or creating a custom mural for the Penthouse suite of the W Hotel Times Square. White Arrow’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Remodelista, Domino, and Livingetc, among others.

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Victoria Hagan, Fly Away, ©Pieter Estersohn

Victoria Hagan

Restrained, elegant, and thoughtfully curated, Victoria Hagan’s interiors exude refinement. A natural choice for our list of best interior designers in New York City, her signature New American Classic style integrates architecture and interior design via the use of tasteful furnishings with strong silhouettes, neutral palettes and pops of color, bold accents, and complementing materials. Apart from homes in NYC and around the country, Victoria Hagan has designed the official Washington residence of the Vice President of the United States and has re-imagined the renowned Golden Door Spa in California. She has published two books with Rizzoli: Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits in 2010 and Dream Spaces in 2017.

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