Immersive and fun, the Tetra Puzzle features four identical stainless steel parts.

New York-based brand Craighill designs and makes functional accessories that are as cleverly simple as they are distinctive. The Craighill collection includes items like minimalist bookends, keyrings, coat hangers, plant pots, and bottle openers as well as pens and desk accessories. Apart from products that primarily have a practical purpose, the collection also features several ingenious puzzles. Designed by Revision, the Tetra Puzzle is one of the latest items to join the range. Similarly to the Jack, Venn, and Tycho puzzles, this one looks deceptively simple at first glance.

Craighill has made the puzzle with four identical pieces of stainless steel that come together to create a pyramidal shape. The process of finding the solution is both immersive and intriguing. At the same time, this puzzle activates the user’s spatial reasoning and dexterity skills. While the Tetra Puzzle requires focus and attention, the result is especially gratifying as the pyramid comes together in a sculptural object. Like other Craighill products, this one complements its creative design with a quality build. The Tetra Puzzle is made from stainless steel and comes in two versions: brushed stainless steel or PVD-coated stainless steel with a durable and scratch-resistant black finish. Photography© Craighill.

Tetra Puzzle

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