A creatively designed seating collection with intricate wooden frames.

Founded by Canberra-based designers René Linssen and Elliot Bastianon, Furnished Forever is an Australian studio and furniture brand that creates and produces timeless furniture. Made for residential spaces and commercial settings, all Furnished Forever designs are carefully crafted locally and in Australia‘s NSW region to stand up to the test of time. Defined by clean lines and bold geometric forms, the products are also creative and distinctive. The new Waffle collection is a great example. The seating range comprises a booth, an armchair, and a sofa, all of them designed with grid-like wooden frames. Boasting clean lines and Bauhaus-style rectilinear forms, the seating doubles as an eye-catching decorative accent in a room.

The geometric spacing has a regular rhythm, with the timber frames adding a sculptural quality to the designs. Furnished Forever paired the warm wood with soft upholstery in either fabric or leather. The plush cushions enhance seating comfort and provide a counterpoint to the angular shapes of the timber frames. Designed and made exclusively in Australia, the Waffle collection comes in different types of solid wood: American Oak, American Ash, and American Walnut. The studio also offers other species upon request. Customers can also select the fabric or leather, with a range of options that include Kvadrat textiles. Made to order, each product suits both residential and commercial spaces. Photographs © Furnished Forever.

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