Italian craftsmanship and refined design meet in the Bitossi pottery collection.

For centuries, the Bitossi family has had potters, kiln workers, sculptors, and painters among its members. The family has made quality ceramics in the Montelupo Fiorentino region since 1871. Fifty years later, in 1921, Guido Bitossi established the Maioliche Artistiche Guido Bitossi pottery factory. With the arrival of art director Aldo Londi in 1946 and a long-lasting collaboration with renowned architect Ettore Sottsass, Bitossi entered a new phase that would change the world of Italian ceramics forever. An official designation as a Historical Italian Company in 2014 cemented Bitossi’s reputation as a historic brand. Loved by architects and interior designers worldwide, Bitossi pottery products are a work of art and sought-after items for art and midcentury modern collectors.

Since the beginning, the company has worked with legendary designers to create beautiful and imaginative products that combine tradition and Italian style. The classic collections are the epitome of midcentury modern design, featuring bold colors and patterns coupled with expert craftsmanship. The iconic Rimini Blu range became one of the most popular in the brand’s history. It featured animal silhouettes completed with Aldo Londi’s signature textures that enhanced intricate, hand-engraved details.

A new Bitossi era.

In recent years, Bitossi has worked with contemporary designers from all over the world. Well-known names include Karim Rashid, Nathalie du Pasquier, Max Lamb, and Benjamin Hubert, to name a few. All Bitossi pottery products wear their “Made in Italy” label with pride. They also feature a completely handmade build. Crafted by skilled artisans, each item from the brand’s collection is one of a kind. Naturally, both the classic ranges and the more recent creations are veritable collector’s items.

Among the classic collections, the Rimini Blu line includes a wide range of products, from vases and bowls to umbrella stands and decorative objects. All of them feature the same dark but vibrant blue color along with a textured surface. Ettore Sottsass’ designs feature clean lines and rounded shapes coupled with bold patterns and color contrasts. In the newer collections, the designs vary widely from the minimalist objects created by Benjamin Hubert to Karim Rashid’s playful designs, Dimorestudio’s abstract creations, and Nathalie du Pasquier’s sculptural work. Apart from the permanent collections, the company also makes bespoke Bitossi pottery for architecture and interior design projects. Photographs© Bitossi Ceramiche.

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