A creatively designed freestanding sink inspired by Tuscan landscapes.

Established in 1950, antoniolupi has been transforming bathrooms with high-end Italian design for decades. The company collaborates with the world’s most talented designers to offer a more imaginative take on ubiquitous objects. Under the antoniolupi label, sinks, bathtubs, bathroom units, and accessories transform into sculptural, decorative items; objects that never fade into the background, but always demand your attention. The Bolgheri basin design is no exception. Created by Gumdesign for the brand’s collection, this freestanding sink celebrates the beauty of Italian landscapes. More specifically, it draws inspiration from the Tuscan countryside. The name Bolgheri is taken from a village in Maremma, while the two elements reference different aspects of the charming landscapes.

Made with a rounded form, the basin boasts colors that pay homage to Tuscany: Gran Cru, Oleo, and Ceruleo. The green color reminds of olive trees, the brown reddish hue of wine from vineyards growing on sunny hillsides, while the blue basin references the hues of the deep blue ocean. Made from natural cork, the base supports the basin crafted from Cristalmood – an innovative resin material. Transparent and reminiscent of glass, this resin is nonetheless extremely tough and durable. Likewise, the cork base is resilient and resistant to humidity as well as flame retardant. The two materials have complementing textures and colors to enhance the creative design of this freestanding sink further. Finally, Bolgheri comes either with a natural or a roasted cork base that boasts a coffee color. Photographs© Camilla Santini, antoniolupi.

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