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Bonfire Checklist

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Bonfires are often the backdrop to the best kind of summer memories, whether in a mountainous landscape with pine forests or on a secluded beach where the only sounds come from the waves and seagulls. For this summer, make sure you are ready to create some moments you’ll remember a lifetime by setting up the perfect bonfire. We have prepared a handy checklist that covers all the basics, from stormproof matches to marshmallow skewers and comfortable blankets. All you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the warmth of the crackling fire with your loved ones.


Northern Nova 3K Lumen Lantern

Bring light into the most secluded areas of natural landscapes with the Northern Nova 3K Lumen Lantern. Featuring a patented design, the lantern produces a 3,000 lumens light that can reach up to 32.5 meters. The lantern has four folding legs for stability, a chain for easy hanging, and a globe guard for use in any weather. A convenient case is also included, making this compact and powerful lantern a must-have for your camping trips.

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Grayers and Winter + Session Log Tote

Add a touch of style to your camping equipment with a limited edition heavy duty log tote made by Grayers in collaboration with Winter Session. The signature Grayers flannel plaid is inspired by vintage patterns, lending a classic look to the design. The tote is handcrafted in Colorado and features a 15 oz cotton canvas interior, vegetable tanned cowhide handles, and a pocket with brass rivets. Made to stand the test of time, the log tote is sturdy enough to carry fire logs and conveniently designed to be used as a carrier for smaller items and camping gear.

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UCO Titan Stormproof Matches

Every camping checklist should have a box of high quality matches that can withstand rain and gale force winds. These UCO Titan Stormproof Matches are ideal for outdoor adventures, as they are designed to light even if they are wet. Use them to start your bonfire, rain or shine. Each box comes with 25 matches and extra strikers. The matches are longer than standard ones, measuring 4.125 inches in length, and they will burn for 25 seconds, even in powerful gusts of wind during a storm.

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Japanese Warikomi Axe

Japanese craftsmanship, beautiful design and versatility combine in this range of axes created exclusively for Best Made Company. Handcrafted in Japan by acclaimed artisan Mizuno-san, the axes are made using traditional smithing techniques. They feature drop-forged heads in a curved or straight design, white oak handles which are scorched to protect them from insects and the elements, and a Kurouchi oxidized finish. Use them to carve and split branches and twigs for your campfire.



Elkskin Heavy Duty Work Glove

Soft and supple yet heavy weight and durable, these Geier 448 Elkskin Heavy Duty Work Gloves by Geier Glove Co. are a great addition to any camping gear set. They will protect your hands and skin while splitting wood or clearing thorny plants but they will also feel comfortable to wear. These gloves have a fully welted thumb, welt tipped fingers, closed outseams on the back, a convenient snap back, and are made in the US.

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Excelsior Eco-Woven Cotton Throw

The Excelsior Eco-Woven Cotton Throw made by Faribault Woolen Mill has a timeless design. Nautical inspired stripes and slightly muted colors combine with the gorgeous texture of the box weave pattern to provide a practical and modern alternative to classic cotton throws. Made from recycled yarn and completed with a sturdy hem, the throw is a perfect choice for camping and picnics. The Excelsior cotton throw measures 50’’ x 60’’ and it’s manufactured in the US.

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Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Skillet

Nothing can match a delicious and simple meal made in the wild using a couple of high quality ingredients and the heat of a bonfire. Whether you want to prepare scrambled eggs in the morning or want to cook a freshly caught fish, you’ll need a pan you can always rely on. The Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Skillet is handmade in Japan by renowned craftsman Nobuho Miya and has a shallow design with a slender handle. Offering optimum heat retention and many years of use, the skillet will suit an improvised outdoor kitchen by the bonfire perfectly.

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Leather Strapped Canteen and Lunch Box Set

Created by Dick van Hoff for Thomas Eyck, the Leather Strapped Canteen and Lunch Set is designed to provide functionality and style in one. The fine craftsmanship is evident throughout the set, from the textured appearance of the aluminum bottle to the stitching details on the brown leather straps. Beautiful and practical at the same time, this set is made from high quality materials that are designed to last, so it is a wonderful choice for camping vacations.

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Marshmallow Skewers (Set of 4)

No bonfire is complete without a toasted marshmallows fest and these skewers manufactured by Rome Industries are simply ideal. They measure 3 feet in length, putting you at a safe distance from the heat of the roaring fire. The handles are made of wood, while the forks are chrome-plated steel, making them as easy to clean as they are to use. This set of 4 skewers comes in a convenient cotton storage bag.

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Portable Log Fire (Set of 2)

If you want to spend your time enjoying nature and good company instead of searching for bonfire wood, this Portable Log Fire set may be exactly what you’re looking for. Ideal for campfires, the portable logs are easy to light and will last for up to two hours. The non-toxic starters ensure you can use the logs to prepare s’mores or toast some marshmallows worry-free. The logs come in a set of two, both featuring a handle for easy transportation.  They’re made from pine wood by OneLogFire in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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