A seating collection inspired by the Brutalist movement.

Named BRUT-AL, this collection of chairs has a striking design that draws inspiration from Brutalist architecture. Brisbane-based designer Alexander Lotersztain created the series for his furniture brand Derlot. The pieces boast clean, rigid geometric silhouettes that reference the Brutalist movement of the early 20th century. While appearing as made from concrete, like the architecture they invoke, the chairs are actually crafted from metal. More specifically, from aluminum. Using a specialized technique as well as sustainable materials with up to 70% recycled aluminum, the designer created the furniture with a blend of traditional craft and modern technology.

Made in Australia, the BRUT-AL collection features laser-cut components. Flawlessly welded together, the chairs showcase an eye-catching TIG pattern that marks the edges of the metal sculpture. The precision of the pattern highlights the laborious technique required to create each piece of furniture. Featuring simple forms, the chairs fit into any space with ease, but especially in minimalist living spaces. Their designs also emphasize the materiality and tactility of recycled aluminum, along with the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional welding techniques. The designer launched the BRUT-AL collection in partnership with art and design gallery Rossana Orlandi Gallery at the 2021 edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. Photographs courtesy of Alexander Lotersztain.

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