Meet the world’s first Triphonic audio speaker.

Co-founded by former Apple product designer Christopher Stringer and DC Shoes founder Damon Way, Syng is a new audio brand that reimagines home audio systems. Their first design is the Cell Alpha speaker, the world’s first Triphonic audio product. Designed with a futuristic look, the speaker boasts a spherical form that eliminates any boundaries in the music listening experience. Without the limitations of a rectangular case that restricts the audio output, Cell Alpha produces an immersive sound. As a result, the speaker envelops the user and fills the room with clear audio. The innovative Triphone is a 3D printed three-horned sound projector that offers an entirely new speaker architecture.

Cell Alpha features custom drivers, powerful force-balanced subwoofers and three microphones that provide automatic room equalization. The user can easily adjust and layer the sound as needed or let the speaker do that automatically. Compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect, the speaker also features USB Audio in with two USB-C ports that allow the user to connect other devices. Furthermore, Syng plans to launch Syng Link, a media cable that provides a convenient way to set up a home theater system with compatible TVs.

Other features include a Control Ring that adjusts the volume, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a custom app. Currently only available for iOS, the app will also come for Android phones in the near future. Finally, the Cell Alpha speaker comes with a table stand or a modular floor stand. The speaker works perfectly on its own but shines as a duo or as a trio of speakers that create a truly immersive sound experience, especially in larger rooms. Photographs© Syng.

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