Good audio design can transform audio equipment and accessories into items that complement their high-end performance with refined good-looks. Turntables, digital music players, and speakers become part of the decor. They often take a place of pride in a room, whether they are in use or not. Beautiful cases and boxes hide state-of-the-art features that reproduce audio with excellent quality and clarity. Before music can suffuse modern interiors and fill rooms with sound, the design of these products takes center stage. It highlights their thoughtful and exquisite craftsmanship.

The versatility of minimalism is obvious when it comes to audio design. Functional features allow designers to add eye-catching accents to an otherwise understated aesthetic. For example, golden buttons and headphone jacks look striking on a simple black case but maintain the level of refinement of the minimal design. Concrete also provides the perfect opportunity to create memorable audio equipment and speakers, even while using only clean lines and simple shapes. Wood and natural fabrics bring warmth to other products, reminding of vintage eras or providing a modern twist on classic styles.

When designers take on a more creative approach in their audio design projects, the results are often spectacular. Wall speakers that double as a wall art, creating an optical illusion with their ingenious design. Sculptural products that draw attention with a sophisticated appearance before impressing listeners with their crystal-clear audio quality. Design lovers can find an array of gems on this page, whether they’re looking for a minimalist turntable, wireless headphones, function-packed music players, or a speaker that looks like a work of modern art.

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