Chairpedia. 101 Stories of Chairs.

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A must-have book for any design lover.

Edited by furniture brand Andreu World with editorial direction from Ramón Úbeda, Chairpedia. 101 Stories of Chairs is the Spanish company’s latest editorial project. This new title follows on the footsteps of the 2016 Stories to Read While Seated, the 2018 Chairs, History of the Chair, and the 2019 restaurant guide Eat Well Seated. Created in a collaboration with design historians, writers, curators, and architecture critics, Chairpedia is an encyclopedic title that explores the history and impact of one of the most humble and ubiquitous pieces of furniture. In this book, design lovers can discover iconic, avant-garde chair designs as well as simple chairs that celebrate age-old traditions.

Instead of taking a more sterile, academic look at the history of chair design, Chairpedia features fun stories and anecdotes accompanied by illustrations – not photos. Created by Antonio Solaz, the illustrations feature different styles that are both dynamic and engaging. Browsing through the book’s 240 pages, readers can admire 101 illustrations, 21 portraits, and 245 chair drawings. Anecdotes accompany the images and give a fun glimpse into the world of furniture design. For example, the tale of the Ritz hotel which used smaller pieces of furniture to make the rooms seem bigger.

The book features chair design-centric stories from María José Balcells, Isabel Campi, José María Faerna, Marisa García Vergara, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Pilar Mellado, Rosalía Torrent, Mauricio Wiesenthal, and many others. Published by La Fábrica in July 2020, Chairpedia. 101 Stories of Chairs is available for purchase online from independent bookstores. Andreu World plans to continue the project in the future with more chair designs. Photographs© Andreu World, La Fábrica.

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