Some of the most iconic cars of the Eastern Bloc, now in miniature form.

Designed by Renátó Árpás for Budapest-based HYPERANDHYPER, the Chromiez collection recreates the most iconic cars of the Eastern Bloc. The limited-edition range celebrates the retro cars that still have a cult following in some Eastern European countries. Spanning generations, the appreciation for vehicles like Lada, IFA, Polski Fiat, or Žuk has infiltrated popular culture. While rare on the streets of Hungary today, some renovated models that have a pristine original condition can sell for impressive sums.

Designer Renátó Árpás has been a fan of the old cars since his university days when he co-founded the “Régimódi Sofőrök” (Oldschool Drivers) club which collected memorabilia and repaired old vehicles. “We dug up our parents’ Italo disco cassette tapes, we sniffed at the 40-year-old faux leather upholstery, filled the tank with lead replacement, and only the bobblehead dog on the hat rack shook its head harder than us to the rhythm of the spirit of the age,” he says. Chromiez captures the fascination with these beloved vehicles and recreates their designs in a toy format.

The range brings five car models to life: Lada Estate, Lada Sedan, Polski Fiat, IFA, and Żuk. Made from wood, all of them keep their original shape but feature custom details. Crafted by Hungarin craftsmen, these limited-edition car models come with unique identification numbers. Alongside the collection, HYPERANDHYPER also launched a series of special, numbered prints created by László Bárdos. You can find the Chromiez line in the brand’s online store, at prices that range from around $60 to $83. Photographs© Lilla Liszkay.

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