An exhibition that celebrates Italian excellence and innovation.

The concept of “Italian design” embodies much more than stylish, highly imaginative products and interiors that always push boundaries, challenge convention, and blur the line between art and technology. A new exhibition titled “Created in Italy. An Aptitude for the Impossible” showcases this with projects that celebrate Italian excellence in industrial design and technological innovation. Developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Directorate of International Trade, the exhibition will travel around the world through Italy’s network of cultural institutes. Curators Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, and Francesca Picchi brought together projects from different Italian companies to tell the story of Italian design, creativity, and craftsmanship.

The series of individual stories paint a picture of Italy’s diverse manufacturing capabilities. At the same time, they show a passion for beauty, avant-garde design, and experimental techniques. Naturally, the exhibition also offers a glimpse into the culture of custom and tailored products. With Created in Italy, the curators aim to not only pay homage to the country they call home but to also connect creative minds. The event opens up a dialogue between Italian and international designers and companies. And the goal? To ultimately build a better future.

In the exhibition, visitors can see a wide range of products and innovative techniques; they range from handmade cement objects to reconstructed wood in different essences, sustainable textiles, and 3D printed products. Curated by Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, and Francesca Picchi, Created in Italy. An Aptitude for the Impossible also features graphic design and exhibition design by Mario Trimarchi and digital design by Propp. The exhibition runs until February 15, 2022, at the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco. Photographs© Max Rommel.

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